Pu Anil Shukla, IPS, DGP Mizoram on 08.04.2024 inaugurated a 3 days Hackathon event organized by Mizoram Police in collaboration with National Institute of Technology, Mizoram. The inaugural function for the event titled “Hackventure 2.0” was held at 10:00 am in Arya Mess, PHQ.
Speaking on the occasion, Pu Anil Shukla, IPS, DGP Mizoram stated that the Hackathon has been organized to strengthen police-public relations and to adopt the latest technology in policing by engaging the youth to come forward with new ideas and innovative IT solutions for solving day-to-day challenges faced by the police. DGP Mizoram also expressed his gratitude to NIT, Mizoram for the support and willingness to work together for the successful conduct of the event.
Prof. S. Sundar, Director NIT also expressed his enthusiasm to have a joint venture with Mizoram police to bring out technological advancements in the operations of Mizoram Police. He also highlighted the need of the young minds of the nation to come up with innovative solutions to meet the pressing needs of the entity such as Police.
Invitation for participation in the Hackathon has been sent to all NITs across the country and engineering institutes in Mizoram. The event will comprise of the following components :
1) Online Quiz on Cyber Security
2) Talk on emerging cyber security scenario by expert from I4C, MHA
3) Development of IT solution for the following 4 pre identified problem statements:
i) Automated Check Gate Management System
ii) Chat Bot for Mizoram Police
iii) Social Media Monitoring Tool
iv) Crime Dashboard
4) Idea Pitching Contest – Solutions to improve policing wherein a working model/prototype is to be developed.
It is expected that this Hackathon will bring out IT products that will address the gaps already identified by Mizoram Police which can be further enhanced and taken forward by the Police Department. Through the idea pitching contest the event also aims to throw up innovative ideas with working prototypes that can be further enhanced and adopted by Mizoram Police to improve its functioning.
Mizoram Police leh National Institute of Technology, Mizoram buatsaih “Hackthon 2024’ chu vawiin April ni 8, 2024 chawhma dar 10:00 khan khuallian Pu Anil Shukla, IPS, DGP Mizoram in Arya Mess, PHQ-ah hawng. He Hackathlon event hi ‘Hackventure 2.0’ tih niin nit hum awh tur a ni a, a hawnna hunah hian Senior Police Officer-te leh N.I.T faculty leh NIT, Mizoram zirlai thahnem tak an tel a ni.
Hawnna hun-ah hian khuallian Pu Anil Shukla, IPS, DGP Mizoram chuan he Hackathon hi Police leh mipui te’n kan nitin nuna tangkai zawka Technology kan hman tangkai tur Technology lama hmasawnna dap chhuahna pawimawh tak a nih thu a sawi. NIT, Mizoram chungah an inpekna leh thahnem ngaihna avangin lawmthu a sawi bawk a ni.
Prof. S.Sundar, Director NIT, Mizoram pawhin Mizoram Police-te tan Technology lamah hmasawnna tur awm thei turte dap chhuah kawngah theih tawp chhuahpui an inhuam thu leh an zirlai thangthar thluak tha tak takte nen an zir tlang thei tur chu lawmawm a tih thu a sawi bawk a ni.
He Hackathon-a tel tur hian India ram puma NIT leh Engineering Institute-te sawmna siam a ni. He Hackathon-ah hian programme pawimawh tak tak siam a ni a, chung te chu ;-
1. Online Quiz on Cyber Security.
2. Cyber security chungchang- Expert I4C, MHA ten hnen atangin.
3. IT solution- heng a hnuaia mi ah te hian siamchhuah tum a ni ang:
i) Automated Check-Gate Management System
ii) Chat Bot for Mizoram Police
iii) Social Media Monitoring Tool
iv) Crime Dashboard
4. Idea Pitching Contest neih a ni ang a, a tithate hnenah lawmman tha tak pek tur a ni.
Hackathon 2024 hian Mizoram Police Technology lamah hmasawnna tha tak a thlen ngei beisei a ni.