Mizoram Police seized suspected rare Methamphetamine at Lengpui Airport

In Mizoram Police’s relentless and heightened efforts to curb the drug menace and to ensure a tighter vigil for the upcoming legislative elections, a significant catch of suspected rare Methamphetamine (Crystal meth) was made on 3rd of October, 2023 at the Lengpui Airport. The suspected drug 10.4 Kgs. (approx.) amounts to around Rs. 31 crores in the international market.

The contraband was being peddled to Delhi from Myanmar by a lady accused named Lalremthangi (38 years) in a suitcase. When the suitcase was scanned at INDIGO security X-ray baggage inspection system at the Airport, suspicious packages were found. On receiving the above information, Mizoram Police’s ANTF (Anti-Narcotics Task Force) unit sprung into action, detected and seized the contraband substance. The lady was immediately arrested and Special Narcotics Police Station Case No.48/23 dt.03.10.2023 was registered under NDPS Act & Foreigners Act.

Initial questioning revealed that the accused lady is a Myanmar citizen and stays in Delhi and works in a Spa there. She had recently visited Myanmar and was travelling back to Delhi through Aizawl alongwith the huge amount of drug to its further destination. This catch by Mizoram police is considered to be the biggest and the rarest in the recent times. It is also worth mentioning here that last month, a similar catch of approx. 3 Kgs of the same rare drug was made by the ANTF, Aizawl amounting to approx 9 crore rupees in the international market.

Investigation in both the cases is now under progress by the officials of the ANTF unit. Mizoram Police once again appeals to the general public to stay away from the drug menace and would appreciate whole hearted support from the general public, NGOs, and the Church to curb this menace and to apprehend these criminals making Mizoram a completely drug free state.

Mizoram Police chuan inthlanpui lo awm tur thlir chunga venhimna leh ruihhlo dona kawnga ngawrh lehzuala tan a lak mek laiin nimin, October 3, 2023 khan Lengpui Airport-ah Methamphetamine (Crystal Meth) tam tham tak man a ni. Meth hi Kg 10.4 niin, a hlut zawng hi international market rate-ah cheng vaibelchhe 31 chuang hu nia chhut a ni.

He ruihhlo (Meth) hi Myanmar atanga Delhi pana tawlh thlak mek niin, Lalremthangi (kum 38) mi thawmhnaw bawm (suitcase) atanga man a ni. Suitcase hi INDIGO Security X-Ray khawla scan a nih laiin rinhlelh a ni a, Mizoram Police ANTF (Anti-Narcotics Task Force) Unit ten ruihhlo hi belhchiangin, man nghal a ni. A kengtunu pawh hi man nghal niin, ND&PS Act leh Foreigners Act hnuaiah Special Narcotics Police Station Case No.48/23 dt.03.10.2023 ziah luh a, thubuai siamsak nghal a ni.

Thu zawhfiahna atangin ruihhlo neitu hi Myanmar khua leh tui, Delhi-a Spa-a hnathawk a ni tih hriat a ni a. Tunhnaiah Myanmar hi tlawhin, ruihhlo tam tham tak nena Delhi lam a pan leh laia man a ni ta a ni. He ruihhlo man hi tunhnaia tum khata ruihhlo man hlawhtling leh lian tham ber anga ngaih a ni a. He mi hma thla khat kalta vel khan hetiang ruihhlo (Meth) tho hi Kg 3 vel, international market rate-a cheng vaibelchhe 9 man hu vel nia chhut chu ANTF Aizawl te hian an lo man tawh bawk a ni.

Heng ruihhlo lian tham tak man chungchanga hnu chhui zui ngai te hi ANTF Unit te hian ngawrh takin an chhui zui mek a ni. Mizoram Police chuan hetiang ruihhlo kaihhnawih thila inhnamhnawih lo turin mipuite a ngen a, ruihhlo awm lohna Mizoram siam tura theihtawpa min thawhpui turin mipuite, tlawmngaipawlte leh kohhrante kan sawm tak meuh meuh a ni.