Our Martyr – K. Lalrammawia

Name :  Lance Naik K. Lalrammawia, 1-MAP

Date & Place of Occurence : 30.6.2000 at Near Bandiasara

Brief of Action causing such death : Armed insurgent group ambushed Mizoram Police Operation party consisting 19 (nineteen) personnel under the command of the then Hav. C.S. Lalrinzuala who were proceeding on a medium truck NO.MZ 01-A/9975 about 1 kilometer after leaving Bandiasora (between Bandiasora and Devasora). The militants killed 7 (seven) Police personnel and injured 7 (seven) Police personnel. No arms and ammunitions have been lost by the Police during the encounter. Although the Police operation retaliated, Lance Naik K. Lalrammawia was killed in the said ambush.