Our Martyr – Laltanpuia Ralte

Name :  C/264 Laltanpuia Ralte, 1-MAP

Date & Place of Occurence : 24.3.1999 at Vaitin Village

Brief of Action causing such death : On 24.3.1999,information was received by the Sakawrdai B.O.P. that a group of extremists who were believed to be MAIDA, Manipur based militants entered Vaitin village. Hence, patrolling party consisting of 6 (six) personnels was immediately sent to Vaitin under the command of ASI (UB) Zoramsanga Ralte. On entering the Vaitin village by patrolling party, an ambush was laid down by the extremists who turn out to be PLA militants instead of MAIDA. C/264 Laltanpuia Ralte was shot dead on the spot at the entrance of Vaitin Village where the ambush was laid.