Police Commemoration Day Observed on 21st October 2023.

October 21st is observed as #PoliceCommemorationDay, throughout the country every year. The day commemorates supreme sacrifices of ten police personnel in the line of duty, defending national frontiers, when a police patrolling party was ambushed on 21st October 1959 by the Chinese forces, at Hot Springs (Ladakh) as a result of which, 10 brave police personnel were killed. Later, Government of India decided that this day (October 21) would henceforth be observed as “Commemoration Day” throughout the country to mark the memory of these gallant men, who were killed in Ladakh and all other Police personnel killed in the line of duty. On this day every year, Commemoration Day Parades are held in all State Capitals and District Headquarters, as a mark of respect to brave police martyrs, who sacrificed their lives at the altar of duty. The names of police martyrs throughout the country are read out, to pay homage to the martyrs and to acknowledge with pride the supreme sacrifices, made by them.
Fortunately, no personnel of Mizoram Police lost their lives in the line of duty this year. Since 1966, total 54 (fifty four) martyrs of Mizoram Police had made the supreme sacrifices at the altar of duty.
Mizoram Police held Commemoration Day Parade to pay tributes to the martyrs, who selflessly sacrificed their lives for service to the society and security of the Nation at 0700 hrs today at Aizawl, the State Capital, districts & battalions headquarters. The main parade and wreath-laying ceremony was held at Martyrs Memorial, 1st Battalion MAP Headquarters, Aizawl, where DGP Mizoram Pu Anil Shukla IPS, senior police officers, officers from CRPF, BSF, SIB and Assam Rifles paid respect and homage to the martyrs. The names of 188 police martyrs throughout the country who have laid down their lives on the call of duty during the past one year from 1.9.2022 to 31.8.2023 were read out to pay homage and acknowledge the supreme sacrifices made by them.
October 21 hi India ram pumah “Police Commemoration Day” atana hman thin a ni a. India ram chhhunga awm Aksai Chin pela ralthuam famkim nena rawn lut ru China sipai rualte chuan mahni ram venghim tura hnathawk (duty) mek India Police-te chu Hot Springs (Ladakh) ah October 21, 1959 ah an lambun a, Police huaisen tak tak sawm (10) lai maiin nunna hlu tak an chan phah a ni. He ni hi Police, ram tana nun pete hriatrengna “Commemoration Day” atan India Sorkar chuan puangin ram pum puiah kum tin hman turin a rel a ni. Hemi ni zing dar 8-ah hian India ram State Capital-ah leh District Headquarters-ah te Commemoration Day Parade neih thin a ni a, India ram puma Police duty laia thite hming chhiar chhuakin anmahni hriatrengna leh sunna urhsun taka hman thin a ni.
Kumin chhung hian vanneihthlak takin Mizoram Police zingah duty laia hmelma kut a thi an awm lo. Kum 1966 atanga vawiin thlengin Mizoram Police zingah, duty laia nunna chan mi 54 (sawmnga leh pali) lai an awm tawh a ni.
Mizoram-ah pawh October ni 21 zing dar 7-ah hian District Headquarters leh Battalion Headquarters-ah te Commemoration Parade hi neih a ni a. A hmanna pui ber Aizawl-ah chuan “Martar Thlan” 1st Bn. MAP Headquarters, Armed Veng-ah Pu Anil Shukla, IPS, DGP, Mizoram leh Police Officers ten hun an hmang a, CRPF, BSF, SIB leh Assam Rifles atangin aiawh te an rawn tel bawk a ni. India ram hmun hrang hranga Police, ni 1.9.2022 atanga ni 31.8.2023 chhunga duty laia nunna chan mi 188-te hming chhiar chhuakin; urhsun taka sunna neiin martar thlan ah zahna pangpar dah a ni.