Saitual Police on 11.3.2022 seized 530 litres of LML

Continuing our drive against illegal activities, Saitual PS patrolling party on 11.3.2022 seized 530 litres of local made liquor (valued at Rs.1.33 lakh) from the vehicle and possesion of Lalhmingthanga (43) and PL Thanga (31) of Tuikhurhlu at Keifang kawn, Saitual district. The two accused were arrested and booked u/s 6(1)/7(3)/14 MLP Act.
Ni 11.3.2022 zan khan Saitual PS patrolling party ten Keifang kawnah Rakzu 530 litres, local market rate-a cheng nuai khat leh sing thum man hu vel tura chhut chu Lalhmingthanga (43) leh PL Thanga (31), Tuikhurhlu te motor phurh atangin an man. An pahnih hian case siamsak nghal an ni.
Let us join hands to keep our society away from vices.