Saitual Police recovered 638 bottles of suspected Codeine Phosphate (Berrycan-CD)

We will not allow any drugs to spoil our society. Continuing our war against drug peddling, Saitual Police last night recovered 638 bottles of suspected Codeine Phosphate (Berrycan-CD), valued ₹ 76,560 in local market, from the vehicle and possesion of Lalhmangaihzuala (37) of Khawzawl Electric veng near Apex Bank, Keifang. Further investigation is in progress.
Let us all stand united to fight drugs menace together in our society.
Mizoram Police chuan ruihhlo laka kan fihlimna tura hma la zelin, Saitual Police-te chuan nizan khan Codeine Phosphate (Berrycan-CD) bottle 638, cheng ₹ 76,560 man hu chu, Lalhmangaihzuala (37), Khawzawl Electric veng, motor khalh aṭangin Apex Bank, Keifang bulah an man. He thil hi chhui zui mek a ni.
Kan ṭhalaite nun tibuaitu ruihhlo dona kawnga ṭanrualpui turin Mizoram Police chuan mitin a sawm tak meuh a ni