Sustained interrogation of accused person resulted in recovery of additional tablets of Methamphetamine.

Perseverance and diligent follow-up always pays rich dividends. Meticulous investigation and follow up of Special Narcotics PS case involving seizure of 9.750 Kgs (100000 tablets) of Methamphetamine, on 23.5.2023 at Ṭhuampui Ch.Chhunga Bus Terminal, Aizawl, and sustained interrogation of accused person Zothanmawia (32) of Zokhawthar, Champhai District led to recovery and seizure of another 9.702 Kgs (1 lakh tablets) of Methamphetamine, from Durtlang where he hid the contraband drugs. The total seized contraband together is now 19.452 Kgs, valued over ₹38 Crores in international market. Further investigation is still in progress.

Inpekna leh dawhthei taka beih zui zelna atang hian hlawkna tel tur a awm thin. Special Narcotics PS case kaihhnawih, nimin (23.5.2023) a Ṭhuampui Ch.Chhunga Bus Terminal, Aizawl-a Methamphetamine, Kg 9.750 a rit (mum 100000) man, uluk taka chhuizuina kal zelah leh a neitua puh Zothanmawia (32), Zokhawthar, Champhai District thuzawhfiahna atangin Methamphetamine Kg 9.702 (mum nuai khat) dang chu, Durtlang venga a thuhrukna hmun atangin man belh a ni. A vaia Methamphetamine man belhkhawm chu Kg 19.452 (mum nuai hnih) niin, international market-a cheng vaibelchhe 38 chuang man a ni. Chhuizui mek zel a ni bawk.