Special Narcotics PS team seized 13.93 grams heroin

On 21.6.2022, Special Narcotics PS team seized 13.93 grams heroin, valued approx. ₹ 7 lakhs in international market from the joint possesion of Lalramhluni (24) d/o Lalramliana of Zuangtui, Aizawl and Lalchhuanmawia (42) s/o T. Thanzauva of Tuivamit, Aizawl at Phunchawng, Aizawl.
We once again seek the public to support law enforcement agencies in the our concerted drive of #MizoramAgainstDrugs for a #DrugsFreeMizoram.
Ni 21.6.2022 khan Special Narcotics PS team te chuan heroin, grams 13.93 a rit, international market-a cheng nuai 7 vel man hu chu, Lalramhluni (24) d/o Lalramliana, Zuangtui, Aizawl leh Lalchhuanmawia (42) s/o T. Thanzauva, Tuivamit, Aizawl te kut atangin Phunchawng, Aizawlah an man.
Ruihhlo do rem tur hian dan kengkawhtu leh tlawmngai pawlte hmalakna chauh hi a tawklo a, ruihhlo kan dona kawnga min thlawp tlat turin mipuite kan ngen thar leh e.