Champhai DEF

I. Brief History of the Unit :

                    Champhai District was created in the year of 1998  and the District Superintendent of Police started to function since 22.4.1998. Champhai District is located along Indo-Myanmar border with Km long international border and has curved out of erstwhile Aizawl District. Capital of the district Champhai town is located 195 km from Aizawl city. Few important towns of the district are Khawzawl (Sub-division headquarters), Ngopa (Sub-division headquarters), Khawbung (Sub-division headquarters), Farkawn, Vaphai, Hnahlan, Khawdungsei, Kawlkulh, E.Lungdar, Biate, Sialhawk etc. Majority of Historical places of Mizoram are located within Champhai Dist. that attract people various part of the state.

i) No. of Police Sub-Division – 1

ii) No. of Police Station – 2

iii) No. of Police Out Post – 2

iv) No. of Border Check Point – 1

v) No. of Check Gate – 1

II. Functions and Responsibilities :

Champhai Dist. Executive Force is administratively under overall superintendence of Dist. Superintendent of Police who works under direct supervision of Deputy Inspector Genenral of Police, Eastern Range (DIG-ER). Name  of Police station and Outpost are as under :-

1.Champhai Police Station

2. Ngopa Police Station

3. Zokhawthar Police Outpost.

4. Dungtlang Police Outpost

5. Farkawn Police Beat Post.

Champhai District being situated in the International boundary with Myanmar and national border with Manipur, many Law & Order problems not faced by other District is frequently dealt by Champhai District Police. So that some Police Station/ Out Post lying under Champhai District such as Zokhawthar Police Out Post & Farkawn Police Beat Post (International boundary with Myanmar) and Ngopa Police Station (national border with Manipur) plays vital role in detection and seizing of many illegal arms & ammunition, drugs and other criminative elements enters into Mizoram.

III . Organization Setup and Establishment :

              The following various branches are function under Champhai DEF unit :

  • Establishment & Account Branch :-  1 (one) Inspector, 1 (one) SI, 1 (one)  ASI’s of Ministerial Staff look after this Branch. There are 2 (two) Constables and  1 (one)  IV Grade attached to this Branch.
  • Reserve & Clothing Branch :-  1 (one) SI, 1 (one) Head Constable and 5 (five) Constables manned this Branch.
  • Crime Branch :-  1 (one) SI, 1 (one) Head Constable and 3 (three)   Constables are posted here.
  • Motor Transport Branch :- There are 1 (one) ASI (as MTO) and 14 (fourteen) Drivers including 3 (three) drivers are attached from 2nd IR Battalion, Khawzawl and 3 (three) Constables are posted here. Numbers of vehicles holding under Champhai DEF :-
  • Water Tanker             –        1 No.
  • Prison Van                  –        2 Nos.
  • Tata (407 Truck)       –        2 Nos
  • 407 (4X4 Bus)           –        1 No
  • Gypsy                          –        7 Nos
  • Bike                             –        6 Nos
  • Prosecution Branch :- The posted staff are 1 (one) Inspector, 1 (one) Head Constable and 3 (three) Constables.
  • SDPO’s Office, Champhai :- 1 (one ) of Dy.SP and 3 (three) Constables are posted to this office. Under Champhai Sub-Division, the following Police Station and Out Post are there :-
  • Champhai Police Station :-  3 (three) SI’s, 5 (five) ASI’s, 3 (three) HC’s, 27 (twenty seven) Constables and 2 (two) IVth Grades are posted to the Police Station and there is also 1 (one) Platoon of 2nd IR personnel under command of 1 (one) SI attached to the Police Station.
  • Traffic Branch :- Since. There is no separate sanction post for Traffic in the District,  13 (thirteen) 2nd IR Battalion personnel are attached to Traffic Branch, Champhai out of  1 (one) HC (UB) and 3 (three)  Constables   (UB).
  • Zokhawthar Out Post :- 1(one) SI, 2 (two) HC and 2 (two)   Constables are posted there. In addition to this staff, 1 (one) Section of   2nd IR personnel are posted to the Out Post.
  • Dungtlang Out Post :-  1 (one) ASI, 1 (one) H/C and 3 (three) Constables are posted there. In addition to this staff, 1 (one) Section of 2nd IR Battalion personnel are posted to the Out Post.
  • Farkawn Beat Post :  Farkawn Police Beat Post is recently opened on May, 2018. There are 1 (one) H/C and 3 (three) Constables posted at the Beat Post.
  • Ngopa Police Station :- 1 (one) SI, 2 HC, 7 (seven) Constables and 1 (one) IV Grade are posted here. In addition to this, 1 (one) Section of 2nd IR Bn is attached to the PS.


IV. Welfare Measure :

Champhai DEF Unit Welfare was established on 19th January, 2009, comprising as follows:

  • Chairman – District SP
  • Vice Chairman – Addl. SP
  • Secretary – Head Assistant, SP Office Champhai
  • Asst. Secretary – Accountant, SP Office Champhai
  • Treasurer – Cashier, SP Office Champhai
  • Committee Members – Dy.SP (Hqrs), SDPO Champhai, all Branch Head of SP OfficeChamphai, Prosecuting Inspector (PI)CJM Court Champhai, O.C’s of PS/OP under Champhai DEF.
  • Member – All personnel under Champhai DEF.


V. Medal Recipients: There are 14 (fourteen) Police Officers and men who had been awarded various medals under Champhai DEF.

  • Recipients of President’s Police Medal for Meritorious Service :
  • Inspr. Zothlamuana, Republic Day 2003.
  • SI J. Chawnghmingthanga, Republic Day 2003.
  • C/4 Challiana, Republic Day 2005.
  • R.K Daniela, Dy.SP (Hqrs), Republic Day 2009.
  • C. Lalthanmawia, SP Champhai, Republic Day 2012.
  • Brajesh Kumar Singh,IPS, SP Champhai, Republic Day 2013.
  • Recipients of Governor’s Gold Medal :
  • SI J. Chawnghmingthanga, Independence Day 2003.
  • SI T.C Lalropianga, Independence Day 2011.
  • SI V. Lalbiaksanga, Republic Day 2012
  • ASI C.L.L Muana, Independence Day 2012
  • SI Jerry Lalduhawma Poonte, Republic Day 2018.
  • Recipients of Governor’s Silver Medal :
  • C/88 Lalrongheta, Republic Day 2018.
  • C/98 P.C Laldinpuia, Republic Day 2018.
  • C/91 L.H Colney, Republic Day 2018.