1st Bn MAP


The 1st Bn. MAP was established on 1st August, 1973. This Battalion used to be the one and only armed police Battalion which shouldered unending demands of various duties, especially during the 20 years long period of the MNF Insurgency, with laudable and commendable performances. It has a substantial relief so far as its responsibilities and duties concerned with the rising of 2nd Bn. MAP on 1st Sept., 1987. So far, 21(twenty one) officers of various organized services such such as IPS,APS,MPS and BSF officers have been assigned to look after the Battalion as Commandants. At present the incumbent Commandant of 1st Bn. MAP is Dingluaia, MPS.

The Battalion is accommodated in the District Revenue Police line       at Armed Veng on the Eastern side of the city. The total area is 156.47 Bighas (52.14 acres).


  • As the Headquarters of the 1st MAP is situated in the heart of Aizawl City, the authorities used to utilize the Unit primarily to maintain law and order as and when the situation demands. Being the most senior Armed Unit in the state, the authorities lay their confidence upon the unit to tackle with anti-social elements like ultras as and when the need arises, in every nook and corner of the state and sometimes even outside the state. As such, the 1st Bn. MAP especially in the sphere of maintaining law and order, is a major contributor in keeping the prestige of Police Department high as well as for safe-guarding the liberty, safety and security of the general public.
  • Routine for conducting weekly parades are prepared every week and different kinds of parades are carried out whenever the weather and availability of man-power at the Headquarters permits as follows:-
  • Commandant’s Inspection parade is conducted on Monday, wherein the Commandant briefs the personnel on important matters both of official/un-official natures; and personnel with exemplary turn-out are awarded befitting rewards.
  • Battalion Physical Training Parade is conducted twice a week and the period of the training is utilized for improvement of the physical efficiency and endurance of the unit personnel.
  • Adjutant parade is also held every Friday wherein ceremonial and tactical training are conducted so as to enable the force to build up their efficiency and capabilities both physically and mentally so as to enable them to confront any kind of situation that may emerge at any given time.
  • Battalion route march is held every Thursday morning wherein all the staff of the Battalion including the Commandant take part in the route march. The route march covers up to six to ten kilometers long- march at a time.
  • The Unit conducts regular roll calls for the Unit personnel who are on General duty. All kinds of internal and outside duty including duty for law and order are made from the Administration Branch as required, under the direction of the Adjutant and close supervision of the Commandant.
  • Unit Samellan is held at regular intervals at the Battalion Headquarters to address the general as well as the personnel grievances and problems of the Unit personnel and to promote general welfare of the staff as well as the interest of the Unit.


  • 1st MAP is functioning under the direct supervision of the Commandant. Presently, the Commandant is assisted by 2(two) Deputy Commandant and 6(six) Asstt. Commandants.
  • The Battalion have various branches like Administration Branch, Reserve Branch, Account Branch, Police Hospital, Motor Transport Branch, Quarter Master Branch, Arms Kote etc. and each of these different branches are the core administrative system of the Battalion.


         This Unit is having various welfare activities for the benefit of members of the force and their families. They are shown as under:-

(a)    Family Quarters:-

This Unit is presently having 236 nos. of family quarters in total. These family quarters are occupied by police personnel of various Unit as shown below:-

(1)       1st Bn. MAP               =          135 nos.         (10)     MRP               =    3 nos.

(2)       2nd Bn. MAP              =               1 no.          (11)     PHQ               =    1 no.

(3)       3rd Bn. MAP              =               6 nos.         (12)    Traffic             =    1 no.

(4)       1st IR Bn.                    =               5 nos.         (13)     PTS                 =    3 nos.

(5)       2nd IR Bn.                   =             11 nos.        (14)     Security         =  13 nos.

(6)       3rd IR Bn.                   =             27 nos.        (15)     MPRO            =    1 no.

(7)       4th IR Bn.                   =             10 nos.        (16)     FS&L               =    1 no.

(8)       5th IR Bn.                   =             16 nos.        (17)     F&ES              =    1 no.

(9)       Addl. SP Security     =               1 no.

(b)       Police Hospital:

This unit is having 10(ten) Bedded Hospital under the charge of 1(one) Medical Officer and 11(eleven) supporting staff. This Hospital is utilized by serving and retired officer and men of this unit, their families, and neighboring civilian free of cost depending upon the availability of Medicines. The Hospital is also supplying required medicine to the BOP personnel on monthly basis and depending upon the availability of stock.

Presently, this Unit can undertake/provide the following medical test:-

  • Hepatitis B&C (Free)
  • Hb
  • Blood grouping
  • H. Pylori
  • Typhoid
  • Malaria
  • Urine R.E

(c)       Subsidiary Canteen :-

The Unit is also running one Subsidiary Canteen at Unit Headquarters w.e.f 21.1.2013. The subsidiary canteen, since its initiation, has been a great benefit for the Unit personnel in particular and Police personnel in general since it provide items at considerate low price. Apart from the serving police personnel, the Canteen is also utilized by retired policeman and family. The canteen is looked after by 1(one) Inspector with 5(five) supporting staff. The commodities sold in the canteen are directly lifted from the master canteen CRPF, Dayapur, Silchar. So far the Subsidiary canteen had achieved huge profit since its establishment under this Unit. It is having branches in Lunglei DEF, Aizawl DEF, 3rd Bn. MAP & PTS Thenzawl

(d)       Dry Canteen:- Unit Dry Canteen is run in the Battalion Hqrs. to cater to the day to day needs of the Police and their families.

  • Tea Canteen:- Unit Tea Canteen is also established at Battalion Hqrs. Complex to serve refreshments of the staff.
  • 1st MAP English Medium School:- English Medium School from KG-I to Class-VIII standard is being run by this Unit since 1998. As on today, 19(nineteen) teachers are attached to the school i.e. 14(fourteen) civilian teachers are employed by Managing Board, 2(two) Hindi teachers are attached from the Government and 3(three) officer and men from Police department. In addition 4(four) Non Teaching staff of police personnel are engaged from this Unit in the EMS. Presently, there are 329 students for the academic session 2018-2019. Further, standard of Class-IX is proposed to be initiated in the school from the next academic session 2019-2020.

1st Bn. MAP, EMS is having Scout & Guides for primary section called BULBUL and middle section separately under its wing, which was introduced in the year 2010. Till date the Scout and Guide of this Unit EMS had made several remarkable achievements as follows:- (1) Secured 1st Position (over-all) in the  1st Mizoram State UTSAV, 2012. (2) Secured 1st Position in the National UTSAV, Gadpuri, Haryana, 2013. (3) Secured 3rd Position (over-all) in the North East UTSAV, Shillong, Meghalaya, 2015. Scout & Guide for middle section often takes part in Ceremonial Parades during Independence day parades and begged the 1st Position in the unarmed contingent in the year 2013, and also takes part in Over Night Camp and the like activities of Scout & Guide under Sports and Youth Services. Moreover, the Scout& Guide of middle section had begged the 1st Position in the National Integration Camp (NIC) at Telengana in the year, 2017.

It is also worth mentioning that Scout & Guides of 1st Bn. MAP English Medium School took part in the North East States Youth Conclave & Amalgamation, 2018, Gangtok, Sikkim and begged 3rd Prize in Folk Song Competition. And also successfully took part in Ecological Tour at Reiek with 75(Seventy five) Students and 5(five) Teachers. The team had also conducted successful expedition through the renowned Khuangchera Cave with 71(seventy one) Student and 4(four) Teachers.

Further, 1st Bn. MAP is conducting after-school Taekwondo (sport discipline) class regularly among the students and so far has made several achievements by participating in tournaments on behalf of school and other sports activities as shown below:-

  • Won, Gold=3, Silver=4 and Bronze=6 with Best Discipline Team Trophy in the 18th Mizoram Official Taekwondo Championship, 2015.
  • Won, Gold=3, Silver=3 and Bronze=6 in the 12th Mizoram Open Taekwondo Championship, 2016.
  • Won, Gold=2, Silver=4 and Bronze in the 19th Mizoram Official Taekwondo Championship, 2016.
  • Won, Gold=1, Bronze-1 in the 4th International Taekwondo Championship, held in Bhutan from 2nd – 5th June, 2018. F.Lalhmingliana, School Principal was also selected as team Manager for Indian Contingent.
  • Won, Gold=2, Bronze-1 in the 1st India Cup International Taekwondo Championship, held in Silchar, Assam from 15th – 18th November, 2018.
  • Won, Team Championship in Middle School Section and Runners Up in Primary Section in the 3rd Inter-School Taekwondo Championship, 2018 held in Aizawl from 22nd – 29th September, 2018.
  • The school won, Team Championship Trophy in the Armed Veng Zone Middle School Zonal Sports, 2018 held in Aizawl.

In addition to the above activities, 1st Bn. MAP, EMS is also conducting after-school musical class regularly from the year 2015 which started with 34 numbers of students initially. So far, a perceptible result is achieved from among the students which are found to be very encouraging and promising for the interest and better future of the students as well as for the school itself. Presently, the musical class is having 21(twenty one) students.

(g)       Recreational facilities:

The 1st Bn. MAP is having recreational facilities like Badminton Hall, table tennis hall, Gymnasium and Recreation Hall for entertainment and recreation of the force. These halls are utilized not only by the staff and family of the unit, but also by local civilians as well.

(h)       Ambulance service:

This Unit is having 1(one) ambulance (LMV) to carry patients from BOP and other places and also to carry sick neighboring civilians from Battalion Headquarters to other places from time to time.

(i)        Mizoram Police Gas Agency:-

This unit is running a Mizoram Police Gas Agency mainly for the welfare of all serving and retired Mizoram Police personnel. At present the Mizoram Police Gas Agency is having 1997 consumers. This Unit is running Gas Agency mainly for the welfare of Police personnel of the Unit in particular and also for all Police personnel in general. At present the Mizoram Police Gas Agency is giving more than 1203 numbers of connections. The MPGA is having its depot and go-down at Unit Hqrs. area, Armed Veng. The MPGA is also equally enjoyed by the civilians in every aspect, and the MPGA is looked after by one Inspectors and 4(four) supporting staff under the close supervision and monitoring of the Commandant 1st Bn. MAP.

(j)        MPWWA Tailoring Training Centre:

The MPWWA tailoring centre was established in the year 2006 under this Unit. So far as many as 538 numbers of trainees out of the total 630 nos. of enrolled, had successfully passed-out from this Unit tailoring centre. From among those who had successfully passed, many had established their own tailoring shop, while some continued to work under other’s proprietorship and earning livelihood. Hence, the tailoring centre is found to be very beneficial for the in-service personnel‘s family as well as retired family.

(k)       MPWWA Weaving Training Centre:-

Weaving Centre was established under this Unit in the year 2015, which is under the purview of the MPWWA, hence all the arrangement in connection with engagement of faculties and admission of trainees are under taken by the MPWWA itself. So far, the weaving centre had successfully trained 3 nos. of trainees out of the total 6 nos. of students enrolled.

(l)        Football academy:- The Unit is running 1st Bn. MAP Football Academy from  the year 2004.  Admission is done as per academic session and in two category of age i.e for under-18 and above 18. Presently 42(fourty two) trainees are enrolled for the academic session 2017-2018. The Academy has produced a numbers of MPL Players including professional football players. So far, the academy have made several remarkable achievements such as (1) Champion in Under 18 MPL 2015 (2) Champion 2nd Div. Session Ending Tournament, 2016 (3) Runner-up MPL Under-18, (4) Semi finalist in U-18 MPL 2017-2018 and is presently registered under ADFA in 2nd division. The academy is looked after by 1(one) Naik as Coach and 1(one) Constable as Assistant Coach. Further, it has been conditioned that if the Mizoram Police Football Club is qualified for MPL, the Academy Football players will automatically qualified for the MPL Under-18 as MPFC player.

The Academy has produced a number of MPL players including professional football players/professional apprentice etc. as shown below:-

Sl.No. Name MPL Football Club Other remark
1 Lalhriatrenga Aizawl FC
2 MS Dawngliana Chanmari FC
3 Rochhingpuia Chanmari FC
4 Lalmuanawma Chanmari FC
5 Malsawmfela Chanmari FC
6 Lalrinchhana Chanmari FC
7 Lalchhanhima Dinthar FC
8 Chawngthansanga Dinthar FC
9 Roluahpuia Dinthar FC
10 R.Laldanmawia 1. Participated in MPL on behalf of Chanmari West in 2015-2016
2. Participated in I-League club on behalf of Aizawl FC -2016-20173. Now joined I-League club East Bengal- 2017-2018 & 2018-2019
11 Lalmalsawma Chanmari ‘W’ FC
12 R.Lalawmpuia Chanmari ‘W’ FC

13 Lallawmsanga Chanmari ‘W’ FC
14 Lalbiakhlua Chanmari ‘W’ FC
15 Laldinmawia Zo-United FC
16 Lalthantluanga Zo-United FC
17 Lalnghinglova Bethlehem Vengthlang FC
18 Biaksangzuala Enrolled in Assam Regiment as Football player
19 David Lalchhanchhuaha Enrolled in Assam Regiment as Football player
20 Lalruatpuia Joined Liverpool Academy
21 Lalramchhuana Joined Liverpool Academy
22 Vanlalruata Joined Kolkata Town Football Club
23 Vanlalrawna Joined Guwahati Town Football Club
24 Lalrinchhana Mizoram Police FC
25 Lalbiaksanga Chhinga Veng FC
26 Vannunmawia Chhinga Veng FC
27 Lalfelpuia Chhinga Veng FC
28 Lalbiaksanga Chhinga Veng FC
29 Isaac Lalruatfela 1. Participated in I-League on behalf of Kerela in 2015-2016
2. Now joined Bangaluru FC -2016-2017
30 Lalthankima Enrolled in Assam Regiment as Football player
31 Lalhriatpuia Mizoram Police FC
32 Lalruatpuia Mizoram Police FC
33 Lalhunliana Mizoram Police FC
34 Saitluangpuia Chhinga Veng FC
35 Lalrinchhana Enrolled in Assam Regiment as Football player

(l)        Bamboo Plantation:-   Bamboo plantation was initially carried out in the year 2007 effecting upon the flowering of bamboo. With a view to preserve bamboo from extinction and in order to create the unit self-sufficient in bamboo, the plantation was carried out on self help basis with seeds gathered from the BOP areas. The same is found to be very useful as the bamboo plantation had now matured and could be utilized for various purposes as and when required by the Unit. The Bamboo Plantation is permanently looked after by 2(two) nos. of unit personnel through out the year.

(m)      Tree Plantation:- Tree plantation had been given utmost importance since establishment of this Unit, as it is found utterly necessary for preserving surrounding atmosphere from pollution as well as for greenery of the Unit complex. However, hard-drive in this regard was enforced in the year 1994 onwards only, wherein, the entire force available in Battalion Hqrs. conducted plantation drive of young trees procured from Agriculture and Environment & Forest Deptt. At present, this Unit is having 81 varieties of young/matured trees including fruit bearing trees under its plantation, which are approximately calculated to be around 2050 nos. of trees in total.

(n)       Mandir:- This unit is having 1(one) Mandir situated in the opposite location of the Police Hospital. The Mandir was established in the year 1952 and is being utilized by Non-Mizo Police personnel and families as well as local Hindu civilians, till date. All the function relating to religious rites are conducted in the Mandir under the presiding of 1(one) Pandit engaged from the unit. Further, all the management of Mandir in respect of repair and renovation are done by this unit as required from time to time.

(o)       Gymnasium:-

This Unit is running a Gymnasium which is utilized both by the unit personnel and civilian. It was established in the year 1997 and is functioning on monthly fees basis.  Presently, 1(one) Constable is being engaged to look after the Unit Gym who is also placed responsible for maintenance of instruments and collection of fees. The gym is placed under the purview of QM Branch which was basically established for developing cordial and closed relationship with the surrounding local people of Battalion Hqrs. as well as for maintaining physical fitness among the unit personnel. So far, several remarkable achievements have been obtained by this unit Gym by producing Mr. Mizoram Title Winner from among the Gym member.

(p)       Badminton hall:-

Badminton Hall of this Unit was established on 15.9.2000 and inaugurated by the then incumbent Commandant Pu Hmingdailova Khiangte MPS. The Badminton Hall is utilized both by unit personnel and civilian. Further, the Badminton Hall is also utilized by this unit for holding grand function and training indoor exam. The Court is having HAVA Court recently.

(q)     Wild Wood Park:-

The Unit Park is constructed from regimental & AMC fund, on self help basis during Jan-Oct 2016.. The unit park is visited by unit personnel and their families as well as civilians. A water fountain has also been constructed in the centre of the park, which greatly added the grandeur and beauty of the park to a great extend. The total cost of construction is Rs.3,53,809/- ( AMC=Rs.2,00,000/- and Regt. Fund Rs.1,53,809/-)

(r)       Mini Sport Complex:- Volleyball court and Basketball court at 1st Bn. MAP Hqrs. Complex was constructed initially from fund contribution from this unit staff amounting to Rs.80,000/- PHQ had also contributed fund amounting to Rs.2,00,000/-  for the construction of this Mini Sport Complex. Since, fund contribution from unit staff and PHQ was not sufficient enough to complete construction work, unit regimental fund amounting to Rs.2,37,258/- was also used for completing the construction. Hence, the total expenditure for construction of unit Mini Sport Complex was Rs. 5,17,258/- which was carried out on self help basis by the unit staff.

Mini Sport Complex of 1st Bn. MAP (Volley Ball and Basketball Court) was inaugurated by Pu Thianghlima Pachuau IPS, DGP Mizoram on 7.11.2017.

(s)   Solar based water treatment plant:-

2(two) numbers of Solar Based Water Treatment Plant has been installed by Intergen Energy Ltd. Gurgaon. The same are installed near Unit park and at lower field of this Unit. The Solar Based Water Treatment Plant is essentially utilized by this unit for distribution within Battalion Hqrs. Complex at Police Hospital, Main Office Water storage, Jawan Mess, Magazine guard, Tea Canteen etc. for drinking water. Further, the same is found very beneficial as it save POL which was utilized for water collection from distant location and also it provide more nutritious and purified water to the unit.

(v)      Unit Brass Band:

The Brass Band of this Unit was initially created in the year 1988. However, those enrolled in Brass Band were bifurcated and a Pipe Band was also created. Hence, both Brass Band and Pipe Band came into existence in the year 1988. However, consequence upon the transfer and posting of Band personnel on promotion and other unavoidable circumstances to other Unit, the Pipe Band was terminated in the year 2004. The remaining band personnel of both Pipe & Brass band were centralized and a Brass Band alone was established concretely. The Brass Band of this Unit is being utilized essentially both in official and non official function as well as on occasions. Apart from this, the Brass Band of this Unit is also engaged in non-official function on hiring system, with the consent of the Commandant. The Brass Band of this unit is also imparting training to Police personnel of other Unit, and it is solely due to the un-tiring efforts made by this Unit Brass Band personnel, a full fledge Pipe Band could be created under 3rd Bn. MAP.

(w)      Memorial stone:

The memorial stone of Mizoram Police is situated at the entrance of Unit complex amidst the unit flower garden. The construction of this Unit memorial stone was carried out on self-help basis funding from the Regimental fund. The name of all the police personnel killed in action/while on duty are inscribed on it. The memorial stone is a monument for martyrs of Mizoram Police, hence, wreath laying function used to be carried out on every ‘Commemoration Day’ parade by DGP(M) and senior officers of Mizoram Police. The renovation and decoration of the memorial stone is done every year on self-help basis funding from the regimental fund of the unit, and the same is permanently look after by 1(one) police personnel specifically detailed for the purpose as care-taker. Name of the martyrs inscribed on the memorial stone are shown below:-

Sl No. Rank Name UNIT Date of Death
1 ACIO-II Laldochhunga SIB 25.03.1966
2 Const. Lalnundanga Assam Police 03.12.1966
3 ASI Kapthanga Assam Police 24.03.1967
4 Const. Doliana Aizawl DSB 02.04.1974
5 Const. Khawvelthanga CID(SB) 18.11.1974
6 IGP G.S. Arya, IPS 13.01.1975

7 DIG L.B. Sewa, IPS 13.01.1975
8 S.P K. Panchapageshan, IPS CID(SB) 13.01.1975
9 Const. Rohmingliana CID(SB) 04.04.1975
10 Nk Thankima 1st Bn.MAP 30.36.1977
11 C/17 Zairemmawia 1st Bn.MAP 22.11.1979
12 S.I Lalbuanga Sailo CID(SB) 11.12.1981
13 Inspr. Lalchungnunga Sailo 1st Bn.MAP 19.01.1982
14 Hav. Rokhuma 1st Bn.MAP 03.08.1982
15 Const. Robuanga Aizawl DSB 02.02.1983
16 S.I R. Vanlalauva Aizawl DSB 16.05.1989
17 C/467 Thangzela 1st Bn.MAP 17.07.1989
18 C/408 Lalnunmawia 1st Bn.MAP 25.05.1990
19 C/87 Lalhriata 1st Bn.MAP 20.03.1991
20 C/681 Ngaihthanga 1st Bn.MAP 15.05.1991
21 C/605 Rokima 1st Bn.MAP 18.12.1991
22 C/485 Sanglianchhunga 1st IR Bn. 10.02.1997
23 C/491 Hmingthanzauva 1st IR Bn. 10.02.1997
24 C/8 Lalrotluanga 1st IR Bn. 10.02.1997
25 C/723 R. Vanlalchhunga 1st IR Bn. 10.02.1997
26 ASI Zoramsanga Aizawl DEF 24.03.1999
27 C/560 Khualtawna 1st Bn.MAP 24.03.1999
28 C/121 Malsawmtluanga 1st Bn.MAP 24.03.1999
29 C/264 R. Laltanpuia 1st Bn.MAP 24.03.1999
30 C/555 Lalramthara 1st Bn.MAP 24.03.1999
31 D/G-II Rokunga Pautu 1st Bn.MAP 30.06.2000
32 L/Nk K. Lalrammawia 1st Bn.MAP 30.06.2000
33 C/80 T.C. Lala 1st Bn.MAP 30.06.2000
34 C/505 Lalnunmawia 1st Bn.MAP 30.06.2000
35 C/90 P.C. Vanlachhuana 1st Bn.MAP 30.06.2000
36 L/Nk Lalchhuanawma 2nd Bn.MAP 30.06.2000
37 C/143 Thangduna Lunglei DEF 30.06.2000
38 Hav. Ralliantawna 2nd IR Bn. 29.11.2007
39 Hav. TK Challapan 2nd IR Bn. 29.11.2007

40 C/244 Gyano Chakma 2nd IR Bn. 29.11.2007
41 C/713 Thangkhangina 2nd IR Bn. 29.11.2007
42 C/1 Zaihmingthanga 2nd IR Bn. 29.11.2007
43 C/38 Laltlanzova 2nd IR Bn. 29.11.2007
44 C/247 Laltleipuia 2nd IR Bn. 29.11.2007
45 C/85 Vanlalhruaia 2nd IR Bn. 29.11.2007
46 C/122 Biakropuia 2nd IR Bn. 29.11.2007
47 IV-Grd. Lalduhawma 2nd IR Bn. 29.11.2007
48 S.I R. Lalrindika 1st IR Bn. 02.09.2008
49 C/808 B. Lalchunglura 1st IR Bn. 02.09.2008
50 C/408 H. Lalremthanga 1st IR Bn. 02.09.2008
51 C/366 David Rualthankhuma 1st IR Bn. 02.09.2008
52 S.I Zoramthara Khawlhring Aizawl DEF 28.03.2015
53 D/G-III C. Lalchuailova Aizawl DEF 28.03.2015
54 C/673 Hmangaihmawia 1st Bn.MAP 28.03.2015



This Unit personnel had shown countless acts of valor in times of insurgencies like MNF and HPC movement in particular and in times of hostile public agitations, strike, bands etc, wherein many police personnel of this unit have been awarded medals for their outstanding services. It would be a grave injustice to the selfless sacrifices rendered by them if their names find no mention in this brief notes.

Police medal for Gallantry

Sl.No Ranks/Designation Name Date of accord
1. Commandant MS Sandhu 15.8.1976
2. Sub-Inspector Luaia Sailo 16.4.1997
3. Havilder Hranghawla 23.4.1977
4. Naik Thankima 23.4.1977
5. Naik H.Lalruata 23.4.1977
6. L/Naik Thankima 23.4.1977
7. L/Naik Sangzuala 23.4.1977
8. Constable Vanlalhruaia 23.4.1977
9. Havilder Lalvuana 14.3.1981
10. Constable Zairemmawia 14.3.1981

11. Havilder Rokhuma 3.8.1982
12. Constable Zaluta 3.8.1982
13. Inspector Luaia Sailo 16.7.1982
14. Constable Rokima 18.12.1991
15. Havilder Rokunga Pautu 27.4.2002


Police medal for meritorious service

Sl.No Ranks/Designation Name Date of accord
1. Commandant MS Sandhu 26.1.1977
2. Inspector Lalhmingliana 15.8.1979
3. Sub-Inspector C.Lalruata 15.8.1980
4. Commandant SP Dewan 26.1.1981
5. Dy. SP SP Lagu 15.8.19881
6. Dy.SP PC Lalnela 15.8.19881
7. Inspector NB Subha 15.8.19881
8. Havilder Lalhmingliana 15.8.19881
9. Inspector Pazawna 26.1.1982
10. Sub- Inspector Lalhnaia 26.1.1982
11. Havilder Tlanglawma 26.1.1982
12. Inspector Chalmawia 5.8.1982
13. Dy.SP Raghuraj Singh 26.1.1983
14. Sub-Inspector Lalhluna 26.1.1983
15. Sub-Inspector Zatluanga 26.1.1983
16. Sub-Inspector Zaliantluanga 26.1.1983
17. Inspector Lalbuka Sailo 15.8.1983
18. Inspector Khawliansanga 26.1.1986
19. Commandant Sangzuala Sailo 15.8.1990
20. Commandant KC Thanga 26.1.1992
21. Sub-Inspector Vanlalchhuanga 26.1.1995
22. Havilder KC Lalruma 26.1.1995
23. Asstt. Commandant H. Lalchhuanliana 15.8.1995
24. Inspector Shillonga 26.1.1998
25. Sub-Inspector Saphmingthanga 26.1.2006
26. Inspector PC Laldula 15.8.2007
27.  Commandant V. Lalthakima 26.1.2009
28. Adm. Inspector Lalzuimawia 15.8.1991
29. Inspector HC Sangzuala 15.8.2015
30. Asstt. Commandant Zoramsanga Ralte 15.8.2016