Hnahthial DEF


Hnahthial District is bi-furcated from Lunglei District vide memo No A60011/21/95-GAD/PT Dt 12.9.2008. On 17.7.2019, the creation of the Superintendent of Police office, Hnahthial with some posts for the staff was made by the Govt of Mizoram vide No. A.11013/1/2013-HMP/A/iii Dt 17th July,2019. Hnahthial District Executive Force (DEF) is functioning under the direct control of Superintendent of Police, Hnahthial under the overall supervision of DIG (Southern Range) Lunglei. The temporary SP Office, Hnahthial is set up in a private rented Building at Bazar Veng, Hnahthial. The Superintendent of Police Hnahthial District since its inception is tabulated below:

Sl.No Name From To
1. Davesh Kumar Mahla IPS 12.08.2019 21.12.2019
2. Lalbiakkila  MPS 21.12.2019 Till date

Hnahthial District has 36.69 kms long International Border with Myanmar(IBM). Thingsai Village which is 5.71 kms from the Indo- Myanmar Border is designated as Entry/Exit point for effective implementation of FMR (Free Movement Regime) vide Ministry of Home Affairs notification no 1/6/2014- BM-II  Dt 22.1.2019.


Hnahthial District has an Area of 1030 Sq.Km with a co-ordinates  of 22.9653*N Latitude and 92.9301*E Longitude having a population of  32270 (Male-16467; Female-15803). According to 2011 Census there are 28 villages (32 Village Councils), which include one sub village ie, Maudarh sub-village. There is 1(one) Police Sub Division headed by Dy.SP as Sub Divisional Police Officer Hnahthial. There are 2(two) Police Stations and 1(one) Out Post viz  Hnahthial -PS , Thingsai -PS, and S. Vanlaiphai- OP. There are three PR Stations under MPRO viz  Hnahthial, Thingsai and S. Vanlaiphai PR Station.

SDPO Office Hnahthial: The Office of the Sub Divisional Police Officer, Hnahthial has been started functioning since 2005. The first SDPO Hnahthial was Pu Vanlalzuata MPS. The present SDPO Hnahthial is Pu K.Lalnithanga MPS. There are two(2) Police Stations namely, Hnahthial PS and Thingsai PS and One(1) Out Post S.Vanlaiphai OP  under SDPO Office Hnahthial. The SDPO Hnahthial has a separate office and residential quarters at Rallangtlang, Hnahthial.

The name of Police Stations/ Out-Post and its cover villages are mentioned below :

(a) Hnahthial Police Station : It was established on 23rd April 1974 and cover the following villages :

  1. Hnahthial
  2. Denlung
  3. Thiltlang
  4. S. Phailen
  5. Pangzawl
  6. Lungmawi
  7. Bualpui V
  8. Chhipphir
  9. Rawpui
  10. Leite
  11. Tuipui D
  12. E. Rotlang
  13. Maudarh

(b) Thingsai Police Station : It was established as Out-Post  on  13th June 1988 and up graded to Police Station since  1st Oct,2000 and cover the following villages :

  1. Thingsai
  2. Bualpui H
  3. Ngharchhip
  4. New Ngharchhip
  5. Cherhlun
  6. Aithur
  7. Khawhri
  8. Tarpho
  9. Chawngtui South

(c) Vanlaiphai Out-Post : It was established on 13th June 2000 and cover the following villages :

  1. S. Vanlaiphai
  2. Lungpuitlang
  3. Muallianpui     
  4. S. Lungleng
  5. Darzo
  6. New Kawnpui

(d) Traffic Branch, Hnahthial: On 3.12.2013 Traffic Branch was introduced at Hnahthial under the supervision of  SDPO Hnahthial. At present, there are one (1) ASI as In Charge, Traffic, one HC and two Constables looking after Traffic Branch.


The Principal functions of the Hnahthial DEF are as follows:-

  1. Prevention and detection of Crime and Criminals.
  2. Maintaining Law & Order in the District.
  3. To collect intelligence relating to matters affecting Public peace and Crime, including Social and economic Offences, National integrity and security.
  4. To facilitate orderly movement of people and vehicles.
  5. Liaison with other Departments and organizations of the District concerned with matter relating to official including crime and criminals etc.
  6. Providing security assistance when visited the District by Dignitaries.
  7. Checking of entry of illegal/smuggling goods from the neighbouring border ie. Myanmar.


SP Office Hnahthial has the following branches:

  1. Reserve Branch
  2. Crime Branch
  3. Account Branch
  4. MT Branch
  5. Clothing Branch    


For the welfare of District Police personnel, the following committees have been set up under the chairmanship of SP Hnahthial District, Hnahthial viz.

  1. Hnahthial District Police Welfare Committee.
  2. Land and Building Committee.


  • No law and order problem occurred since the last 3(Three) years.
  •  Digital Policing : With the advancement of technology and as equipped by the Central Government and PHQ Mizoram Aizawl, the following digital policing has been carried out successfully under Hnahthial DEF.
    1. # CCTNS(Crime & Criminal Tracking Network System) : Online data Entry of crime through CCTNS CAS system is being carried out at Hnahthial PS and Thingsai PS on a day to day basis.
    2. # iRAD(integrated Road Accident Database) : Registration of road accident as desired by MHA, Govt. of India is being carried out using iRAD mobile Apps by Police Station within the District.
    3. # NAFIS(National Automated Fingerprint Identification System) :This system has been commissioned offline and still under process for online commissioning.
  • Installation of CCTV (Surveillance Camera):-
  • Under the project of PHQ, CCTV (Surveillance camera) has been successfully installed at Thingsai PS, Hnahthial PS and S. Vanlaiphai OP as per the latest Supreme Court instructions.
  • Construction of Thingsai Police Station New Building :
  • Construction of new building for Thingsai Police Station which commenced on October 2018 is now completed and officially inaugurated on 3.8.2022.
  • Construction of New Rooms at Police Station:-
  • Child Friendly Room/Women Help Desk with attached Toilet and way of Person with Disabilities (PwD) were successfully constructed at Hnahthial Police Station.
  • Legal Awareness Campaign and In service training
  • Legal Awareness Campaign for Women Safety, Traffic Awareness Campaign, POCSO etc. has been conducted regularly within the District. Two numbers of  In service training for staff has been  conducted by SP Office Hnahthial regularly.
  • Drug Awareness Campaign and disposal of Drug : In observance of International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking 2022, Drug awareness sessions along with signature campaigns of Drugs free pledge, ‘Say No to Drugs’ etc., was successfully organised by Hnahthial DEF at Gov’t HSS Hnahthial, Gov’t HS Thingsai & Gov’t HSS. Vanlaiphai . As many as 207.50grams Heroin was sent to SP CID crime for disposal on 7.10,2022. NCORD meeting has been conducted regularly

VII. STUDENT POLICE CADET (SPC): Under Modernization of Police Forces Scheme (Ministry of Home Affairs), Student Police Cadet(SPC) has been implemented in Hnahthial District. Government Higher Secondary School Hnahthial has been selected as the implementation for Student Police Cadet, 44 nos of students (22 boys and girls each) enrolled in SPC.

VIII. LAND AND BUILDING: The areas covered by Police Stations and Out Post etc within Hnahthial DEF as per the Land Lease record available at SP Office Hnahthial.

  1. Hnahthial PS -6.22 bighas
  2. Thingsai PS -14.13 bighas
  3. Vanlaiphai OP -3.15 Bighas
  4. Pangzawl -6.84 bighas
Sl no Type of Building Nos of Building Remarks
1 Type-I 14 All  type I quarters need major repair
2 Type-II 10 Out of which 7 Nos need major repair
3 Type-III 4  Out of which 3 Nos need major repair
4 Type-IV 2 Good condition
5 Ten Men Barrack 1 Need to repair

Moreover, for the proposed construction of SP Office Hnahthial, an empty land with a total area covering 5471.373 Sq.m (approx) was made available at Rallangtlang, Hnahthial and is now under process for acquisition of Land lease at LR&S Department in the name of SP Hnahthial District.

For any queries Contact:

  1. SP Office Hnahthial -0372-2332648 (O)  E-mail
  1. Hnahthial PS -93780441893
  2. Thingsai PS -8131887904
  3. S.Vanlaiphai OP -7085513409