Hnahthial DEF

I. HISTORY: Hnahthial District was bifurcated from Lunglei District Vide Memo No. A60011/21/95-GAD/PT Dt 12.9.2008. But the establishment of Police was not separated. It was under the Dy.SP as SDPO under the control of Superintendent of Police Lunglei. There are 2(two) Police Stations and 1(one) Out-Post under the Sub-Division of Hnahthial. On Dt 17.7.2019. Creation of the Superintendent of Police Office with some posts for the staff were made by the Govt’ of Mizoram vide No A.11013/1/2013-HMP/A/iii Dt 17th July 2019. The first Superintendent Devesh Kumar Mahla IPS was  posted Vide order No.A.22012/8/2019-P&AR(CSW)Pt Dt.8.8.2019 as well as Vanlalbiaka Joute as Dy.SP(Hqrs) respectively vide No.A.32014/1/2015-HMP Dt 8.8.2019. Both of them joined their post immediately and were present on the celebration of Independence Day 15th August 2019 at Hnahthial.

II. FUNCTION:- The Principal function of the Hnahthial District DEF are as follows:-

  1. Prevention and detection of Crime.
  2. Maintaining good relation with the Public.
  3. Liason with other Departments and organizations of the District concerned with matter relating to official including crime and criminals.
  4. Providing security assistance when visited the District by Dignitaries.
  5. Strict vigilance and checking of infiltration of the Foreigners and checking of Free Regime Movement(FMR) from the Indo-Myanmar border .
  6. Checking of entry of illegal/smuggling goods from the neighboring border ie. Myanmar.


Superintendent of Police :- He is the overall in charge of this unit under close supervision of DIG(S/R) Lunglei .He is assisted by SDPO and Dy.SP(Hqrs). Although Addl.SP post was created by the Govt’ no one is post till date for the post of Addl.SP. As per the sanction strength created by the government for Hnahthial District as under, only the SP and one Dy.SP(Hqrs) have joined till today along with 2(two) newly posted drivers of Grade II & III. To mention here with another 2(two) Grade III drivers posted to SDPO Hnahthial and Hnahthial PS were transferred and posted on paper from PHQ, Aizawl where they have been already performing their duties in the above post under the Hnahthial Sub-Division, under Lunglei District. At the same time, some ministerial staff Inspector(M), SI(M), ASI(M) are also posted to Hnahthial DEF, only one SI(M)  has joined on paper and who was attached to CID(SB) Aizawl. No other staff has reported their joining in this unit till today.

Some executive staff  of Hnahthial DEF who were presently posted at  Police Stations/Out-Post are already been present before the bifurcation of Hnahthial Sub-division from Lunglei district. After creation of new Hnahthial district, all these staff remained posted on paper under SP Hnahthial. However, some staff including officers and men who were under order of transfer have not  joined yet.

Sanction strength of Hnahthial DEF

Sl.No Name of Post No. of Post
1 SP 1
2 Addl. SP 1
3 Dy.SP(Hqrs)/ SDPO 1
4 Inspector(UB) 2
5 Sub-Inspector (UB) 3
6 Asst.Sub-Inspector(UB) 3
7 Head Constable 5
8 Constable 30+10= 40
9. IV Grade 6
Ministerial/Steno staff
10 Inspector(M) 2
11. SI(M) 3
12 Steno (SI)/ Grade III 1
13. ASI(M) 4

IV. BRANCHES UNDER HNAHTHIAL DEF:- The unit is functioning without having  different branches due to non-availability of working staff and computers etc.. The present SDPO Hnahthial Office has been utilized for office work of SP Hnahthial. However, the   two Police Stations and one Out-Post and Traffic, viz. Hnahthial PS, Thingsai PS and S.Vanlaiphai OP are functioning as usual.

The following office and PSs/OP and Traffic are under Hnahthial DEF.

            (1). Office of the Sub-Divisional Police Officer.

            (2). Hnahthial Police Station.

            (3). Thingsai Police Station.

            (4). S.Vanlaiphai Police Out-Post.

            (5) Traffic branch.          

  • SDPO OFFICE: Since there is no Govt’ buildings constructed for functioning the office of the Superintendent of Police, Hnahthial, the Office of the Sub-Divisional Police Officer is utilized for temporary functioning of  SP office because of non-availability of posted staff. Office of the Sub-Divisional Police Officer started functioning since 2005. The first Sub-Divisional Police Officer was Pu Vanlalzuata,MPS. The present SDPO  Pu Bijoy Gurung, MPS is the 7th SDPO of Hnahthial who joined this post on 27th March 2017. Now the SDPO staff are 2(two) constables and one Grade III Driver only.  There is only one SDPO under Hnahthial district. Under SDPO Hnahthial there are 26 villages as declared during the creation of Hnahthial District by the Govt’ of Mizoram. 2(two) Police Stations namely Hnahthial PS and Thingsai PS and  S.Vanlaiphai Out-Post including one Traffic branch at Hnahthial town. He supervise  all the function of the PSs and OP in respect of crime control and investigation of the cases by the investigating officer(s). The SDPO Office and his designated quarters are close vicinity.
  • HNAHTHIAL PS: Hnahthial Police Station was established in 16th April 1974. The present building was occupied on 24th July 2013. The present Officer-in-Charge of Hnahthial PS is the 21st Officer-in-Charges. The present OC is Inspr. VL.Malsawma and 2nd OC is ASI F.Lalsawia. The present strength of Hnahthial PS are:- Inspector- 1, ASI-2, HC-2, Constable-10 including one women Constable. Now Hnahthial is the District capital. The common crime committed under Hnahthial PS Jurisdiction are mostly  burglary and theft. Rare cases regarding seizure of contraband articles/substances are registered. 11(eleven) numbers of villages are under Hnahthial PS Jurisdiction, namely 1) Hnahthial, 2) Chhipphir, 3) Lungmawi, 4) Bualpui ‘V’, 5) S.Phaileng, 6) Rawpui, 7) Pangzawl, 8) Thiltlang, 9) Tuipui ‘D’, 10) Leite, 11) Rotlang ‘E’.
  • THINGSAI PS: Thingsai village is located near the border of Myanmar which is 16 kms from the boundary River Tiau. Previously it was an Out-Post, and was upgraded as Police Station on 13th June.2000. As it was an entry point from  Myanmar, check gate/point was also constructed. The present strength of Thingsai PS are Sub-Inspector- 1, Head Constable- 3, Constable- 3 and 2(two) MPRO (ASI Opr. & HC Opr.) with 13(thirteen) personnel from 2nd Bn.MAP. The first OC was S.I. B,Singh, the present OC  SI.C.Lalramtluanga who is the 15th Officer-in-Charge of Thingsai PS. 9(nine) numbers of villages are under Thingsai PS Jurisdiction, namely: 1) Thingsai, 2) Bualpui ‘H’, 3) New Ngharchhip, 4) Old Ngharchhip, 5) Cherhlun, 6) S.Chawngtui, 7) Tarpho, 8) Khawhri and 9) Aithur. The present Police Station of Thingsai is very old, a new building for Thingsai PS is under construction.The new construction has started in the month of November 2018 which has to be completed within 12 months. The estimated cost of the new Thingsai PS building is Rs.73,05,000.00/-(rupees seventy three lakh and five thousand) only.
  • VANLAIPHAI OUT-POST:- S.Vanlaiphai Police Out-Post was established on 23rd April 2002. The present strength are SI-1, Head Constable-1, Constable 2, IV Grade-1 and 7(seven) AB headed by Havildar attached from 2nd Bn.MAP, Lunglei and 2(two)MPRO. The first In-Charge was SI R.Vanlalthanga. The present In-Charge S.I R.Lalbiakhlua who is the 19th I/C of S.Vanlaiphai OP. 5(five) numbers of villages are under S.Vanlaiphai OP Jurisdiction, namely:1) S.Vanlaiphai, 2) Darzo, 3) Lungpuitlang, 4) Muallianpui, 5) S.Lungleng.
  • TRAFFIC:  On 3.12.2013 Traffic Police was introduced by Pu Francis Lallawmkima, MPS  while he was posted as SDPO Hnahthial . At present there are one ASI and 3 constables looking after Traffic branch. With the few officer and men the Traffic compounding at Hnahthial in a year is not less than  Rs 60,000 to Rs 70,000. In future more men power is needed for traffic Police.



Three schools has been identified for implementation of  Student  Police  Cadet for Hnahthial. They are Government Higher Secondary School,Hnahthial ,Government High School Hnahthial and Government Southern High  School  Hnahthial.  Dy.SP (Hqtrs) is appointed as District Police Nodal Officer and OC Hnahthial PS as Police Student liaison officer.


  • Drug awareness programs carried out in schools regularly
  • POCSO awareness programs conducted in schools regularly
  • Traffic awareness programs conducted in schools and colleges
  • Awareness programmes always conducted to NGOs in Office and selected place regarding prevention and detection of illegal drugs etc.
  • Sammelan was conducted in time.


  • 6320 Sq.ft land acquired from VC Hnahthial N-I at Rallangtlang Electric veng, Hnahthial for construction of SP, Hnahthial Office on 27th May 2019
  • 20,480 Sq.mtrs of land acquired from VC, Pangzawl for proposed Police Out-Post at Pangzawl on 18.5.2019.
  • The Village Council of S.Vanlaiphai agreed to provide land for upgrading S.Vanlaiphai Police Out-Post to full-fledged Police Station.
  • Thingsai Police and NGOs of Thingsai village are working together to make Thingsai village a dry area.
  • Seizure of Drugs etc.
Sl.No Name of Drug Quantity Local Market Value
1. Heroin 91.26 gms Rs. 2,80,000/-
2. Foreign Bike(125cc) 1 Rs. 50,000/-
Total Rs. 3,30,000/-