I. BRIEF HISTORY: The First India Reserve Battalion Mizoram was created by the Govt. of India, Ministry of Home Affairs dated New Delhi, 11th .June.1993 and various posts were subsequently created by the Home Department under  Government of Mizoram. The 1st IR Battalion was raised in the year 1993 with its Headquarters at Mualvum near Kawnpui village in Kolasib District. Since its inception till date, the Battalion  authorities have preserved the original flora and fauna present within the Battalion Headquarters which covers an area of 2615.28 Bigha. A good number of seedlings of plants/ trees  especially fruit bearing plants/ trees have been successfully planted and now these  plants/ trees are almost  fully grown  up and matured. Moreover, many nest boxes were made and attached to  selected trees for the home of Birds. The Battalion Headquarters area is thickly covered with trees  and  is now almost identical with that of a reserved forest area and it also  serves as the hot spots  for flora and fauna.

Pu.L.T.Hrangchal, MPS was posted as the  first Commandant of 1st IR Battalion vide Govt of Mizoram memo No.A.32014/3/90-HMP/Loose/47 dt.23.3.1994. Office of the Commandant ,1st IR Battalion started functioning at PTC Lungverh on its initial stage and the Office of  the Commandant was later shifted to its present location at  Mualvum from PTC Lungverh on 31st Aug/1995.

The following Officers are posted   to 1st IR Battalion as Commandants  from its establishment  till date :-

1 Pu.LT.Hrangchal,MPS 23.3.1994 22.10.1997
2. Pu.LH.Shanliana, MPS 22.10.1997 25.3.1999
3. Pu.Saizela, MPS 6.4.1999 11.8.2003
4. Pu.C.Zorammuana,MPS 1.9.2003 9.3.2004
5. Pu.V.Lalthakima, IPS 16.3.2004 18.9.2008
6. Pu.Dingluaia,MPS 1.10.2008 3.11.2009
7. Pu.H.Lalchhuanliana,MPS 3.11.2009 31.10.2012
8. Pu.C.Lalzahngoa,MPS 1.11.2012 11.5.2015
9. Pu. HL Thangzuala,MPS 11.5.2015 10.8.2018
10. Pu. J. Lalthafamkima,MPS 10.8.2018 13.5.2020
11. Pu MS Dawngkima MPS 13.5.2020

Creation of Posts:-             Accordingly, the following posts were created

S/No Deployment Sanctioned strength
1. Commandant 1
2. 2nd in-Command 1
3. Dy.Commandant 2
4. Asstt.Commandant 7
5. Inspector 9
6. Sub-Inspector 24
7. Havilder 120
8. Naik 75
9. Constable 545
10. Driver 45
11. IV.Grade 71
Total 900

Ministerial Staff

S/No  Deployment Sanctioned strength
1. Inspector(M) 2
2. Sub-Inspt.(M) 5
3. SI (Steno) 1
4. ASI (M) 6
Total 14

Hospital Staff

S/No  Deployment Sanctioned strength
1. Medical Officer 1
2. Staff Nurse 3
3. Pharmacist 2
4. Lab.Technician 1
5. Health Worker 1
Total 8

II. FUNCTIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES : The  Battalion  is  entrusted  to  preserve  and  maintain peace  and  security  within Kolasib  District in  particular  and  the  whole  of  Mizoram  in  general. Besides  being  deployed  at  BOPs the  personnel  of  the  Battalion  are  also  deployed  for  law and  order  duties  as  well as  various  static guards  duties within  Kolasib Districts  looking  after various  establishments  such as  Banks, offices  etc. Since  the  Headquarters  of  the  Battalion  lies  within  Kolasib  District  which  is  at  the  border  with  Assam, all  the  BOPs (Battalion  Outposts) under  the  Battalion  play  vital  role  in  protecting  the  boundary  of  the  state  of  Mizoram  and  the  interests  of  its  people  settled  in  the  fringe  areas. Lists  of  BOPs  under  1st IR  Battalion  are  given  below:

S/No Name of  BOP
1. Vairengte
2. Saiphai
3. Kolasib
4. Bairabi
5. Phaisen
6. Saipum
7. Zophai
8. Serlui’B’ H.P
9. North East Frontier Railway, Bairabi
10 Tuirial H.P


The  Battalion  is  headed  by  the  Commandant  who  is  of  the  rank  of  an  SSP. He  is  assisted  by  a  Junior  Administrative  Grade  rank  officer  designated  as  2nd in Command, two  Senior  Grade  Officer  designated  as  Deputy  Commandants, Deputy  Superintendent  of  Police  rank  Officer  designated as  Adjutant and  other  Gazzeted  officer  of  the  rank  of  Assistant  Commandants  and  other  Subordinate  officers.

The Office of  the  Commandant, 1st.IR.Battalion  has  four  separate  branches- General Branch, Record  Branch, Quartermaster  Branch  and  Motor  Transport  Branch. The  General  Branch  deals with general correspondences  and  accounts; the Record  Branch  deals  with  the  Force  establishment  and  of  matters  connected  with  the  personnel; Quartermaster  Branch  deals  with  clothing  and  accoutrement, arms  and  ammunitions, and  other  stores. The  Motor  Transport  Branch  deals  with  motor  vehicles.

 Internal  administration  of  the  Battalion  Headquarters  and  all  matters  of  discipline, reward  and  punishment  including matters  of  Headquarters  Company, Band Platoon, Reserve Police, etc, is looked  after  by  the  administration  branch  headed  by  the  Adjutant  and  assisted  by  the Administration  Inspector, Sub  Inspector  Adjutant, Battalion  Havildar  Major, a  Havildar  Clerk, a  writer  and  Constables  and  other  personnel.


 An  English  Medium  Middle  School  is  being  run by  the  Battalion  at  Mualvum  to  cater  to  the  educational  needs  of  children  of  our  personnel  as  well  as  other  families. The  School  is  solely  financed  by  the  unit. The  School  has  classes  from  kindergarten  to  class  VIII.

For  recreational  purposes  the  unit  also  has  one  auditorium  which  is  utilized  for  playing badminton  and  various  other  purposes.

The Unit has a six(6) bedded hospital which is looked after by one qualified Govt. Doctor. he is assisted by staff nurses and other medical staffs. The hospital plays a vital role in providing health care facilities to the personnel of the unit with their family members. The hospital also facilitates to the needs of civilians from Kawnpui Village and its neighboring areas.