It was long back in 1956 that the then Mizo District Council was aware of the necessity of having Traffic Police for Aizawl Town . In 1957, two Head Constables started learning traffic signal and even performed traffic duty at Bazar Bungkawn Point. However, due to the limited movement of the vehicle the system was short lived. By the end of 1970, it was decided to utilize the service of some young Constable who had just completed their basic training to perform traffic duty at three junctions. Town staff was formed in 1971 by selecting good and smart constables from the existing Police Station Staff to look after traffic. One SI was designated as Town Sub-Inspector to look after Town Staff under the command and control of Officer-in-Charge, Aizawl PS. In 1974, a separate post for Officer-in-Charge traffic was created and Sub-inspector S. Gogoi S.I became the first O.C. He functioned both as the in-charge of O.C Traffic and TSI simultaneously and more traffic points were created. In 1979, a separate Traffic Branch was established and become independent from Aizawl Police Station. In 1983, an Officer of the rank of Dy. SP was posted to this branch on temporary basis. The post was made permanent in 1987. Again in 2000 the post of Additional SP Traffic was created. Prior to 2008, Traffic police was considered as a part of the District Police and forms a special section of the District Executive Force under the overall control of Superintendent of police, Aizawl District. However, with the increasing number of vehicles and congestion problems faced by the city,the Government strongly felt necessary to create a separate Traffic Unit for traffic management in Aizawl city which eventually led to the creation of Traffic unit headed by officer of the rank of Superintendent of Police vide Government of Mizoram Notification No.A-11013/16/92-HMP Dt 23.7.2007. So, Aizawl Traffic unit functioned as a separate unit from 2008. The Government of Mizoram in its notification No.B.12021/10/04-TRP Dt 22.8.2008 has given Superintendent of Police, traffic power to exercise section 112, 115, 116,117 and 201 of the Motor Vehicles Act.

The present Aizawl Traffic unit is headed by the Senior Superintendent of Police, Traffic who is assisted by Additional Superintendent of Police, two Deputy Superintendent of police and other subordinate staffs. The area of jurisdiction covers the area of Aizawl Municipal Corporation. Aizawl Traffic Police has no separate building on its own and is presently occupied one storey of the Office of Superintendent of Police, Aizawl District located at Treasury square near DC, Office, Aizawl District, Aizawl. List of Superintendents of Police, Traffic, Aizawl with their respective tenure is as under :

            Sl.No Name From To
1. Lallianmawia, MPS 04.07.2008 23.09.2008
2. Lalbiakzama, MPS 23.09.2008 18.06.2012
3. Lallianmawia, MPS 18.06.2012 06.05.2015
4. C. Lalthanmawia, MPS 06.05.2015 13.3.2018
5. H. Ramthlengliana, MPS 13.3.2018  11.2.2019
6. Rodingliana Chawngthu, MPS 19.2.2019 Till date

The office of the Superintendent of Police, Traffic, Aizawl consists of different branches viz. General Branch, Reserve Branch, Clothing Branch, Account Branch and Motor Transport Branch (MT Branch).

II. Functioning of Traffic Field Work/Traffic Control:

For the administrative convenience and effective traffic control and management, the entire Aizawl City is divided into Seven Zones. A Zonal Officer (normally Sub-inspector and Asst. Sub-Inspector) is entrusted to look after a Zone and is responsible for ensuring a smooth flow of traffic in the Zone. He is closely supervised by Deputy Superintendent of Police (Field) assisted by Officer incharge, Traffic Police Station under the overall control and supervision by Superintendent of Police, Traffic. The field staffs are further divided into Sector duty (normally Head constables), Beat duty and Point duty (constable level). They function as morning, day and night shift on rotational basis. Apart from their routine work, duties are also assigned to VIP programmes, Political events, Social and religious functions including death and marriage ceremony. These field staff are directly controlled and supervised by their respective Zonal Officers under the overall supervision of  SP(T) assisted by Addl.SP (T), Dy. SP(T) and OC, Traffic.

Mobility/Vehicle holdings : Vehicles allotted to Traffic Unit are :

(1) Bolero (LMV)                                 = 5

(2) Bolero (SLX)                                   = 1

(3) Gypsy King                                     = 2

(4) Recovery Van                                 = 2

(5) 407 truck                                        = 1

(6) Motor Cycle (CBZ Extreme)        = 3

(7) Motor Cycle (Karizma)                = 5

(8) Motor Cycle (Bullet)                    = 5

(9) Scooty                                              = 3

TOTAL                       = 27 vehicles

Registration of FIR on Road Accident/Traffic Accident Cases in Aizawl City is done by the respective concerned Police Station. As per the existing practices and working modalities, any Traffic related accident occurred in between 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM are enquired and investigated by Traffic Police officers and the rest being enquired and investigated by the concerned police stations. After registering FIR on traffic accident cases by the concerned Police Station investigation part is normally endorsed to Traffic Police officer. Minor violation of traffic laws/rules not requiring registration of FIR is penalised and compounded by way of fine as authorised by the Government of Mizoram vide Notification No. B.17011/15/89-TRP  Dt. 13.12.1995 and the compounding fines realised is deposited into the Government Account (Head of Account 0041 Taxes). For kind information that last 3 years Traffic compounding fines realised by Aizawl Traffic Police alone in Aizawl City is as under :

            2015 year                =          Rs. 3,991,000/-   

            2016 year                 =          Rs. 4,061,300/-

            2017 year                =          Rs. 4,745,800/-

            2018 year                =          Rs. 5311650/-

            (Upto 30th Nov.)

Brief facts about Vehicular Traffic condition in Aizawl city :

(1) Due to necessity Government of Mizoram set up a committee known as   Coordination Committee on Traffic Management since 2008 which comprises of important different line departments/stake holders/agencies with the Transport Minister as its Chairman in the initial stage and later transferred to Home Department with the Home Minister as its Chairman and Addl. Secretary, Home Department as its Member Secretary. In a nutshell, the main function of the committee is to formulate policy, advise and coordinate on important matters relating to traffic control and management in Aizawl City

(2)  As per DTO, Aizawl report, there are 161,051 ( as of November 2018) private vehicles in Aizawl District, out of which 66 % are two-wheelers. At present there are 3789 taxis which are divided into three groups-A, B and C. Taxis are allowed to ply on rotational basis i.e the Taxis belonging to group A and B are allowed to move on a particular day. The next day Taxis marked with B and C are allowed, on the next day taxis belonging to A and C can move and so on. It is estimated that the city has more than 70,000 vehicle movement everyday.

(i) Government imposed restriction of vehicle movement in Aizawl city. All the vehicles except certain class of vehicle run on alternate days based on the last digit of their license plate e.g vehicles whose registration number end with 1 will not be allowed to ply on dates like1, 11, 21 and 31 of a month and so on.

(ii) Aizawl has no Integrated Traffic management system. All the traffic   movement are controlled manually.

(iii) Parking control and collection of parking fees are in the hands of      Aizawl Municipal Council(AMC).

(iv) Parking violations, driving without license, Entry violations, drunken         driving and wrong side traffic contributed to major traffic violations.

Aizawl Traffic Police is strongly committed  in ensuring road safety,traffic management and control. It undertakes various awareness programmes among school children and driver communities.  Traffic rules, driving manners and etiquettes are frequently published through print and electronic media which is mostly welcomed by the public. Traffic violators are strongly dealt impartially and proper counseling were given normally. By virtue of Traffic police efforts, Aizawl has one of the most disciplined driving and becomes a silent city which hardly witnessed vehicle honking horns. Aizawl City is also popularly known as No Honking City in the Country.

III. Welfare Measures :

Traffic Unit Staff Welfare is established under the chairmanship of SP, Traffic and it is adminstered by the governing body comprising the following :

(1) Chairman             –           SSP/SP

(2) Vice Chairman   –           Addl.SP

(3) Secretary            –           Head Assistant

(4) Treasurer            –           Unit Cashier

(5) Members –           Dy.SP, OC, MTO, Accountant, RO, and representatives from each ranks.

Monthly Contribution is collected from all ranks of staff members at the following rates :

(1)      Constable to SSP      –           Rs. 100/-

(2)      IV Grade                     –           Rs. 50/-

Ex-Gracia amounting to Rs. 50,000/- is given to the deceased family of permanent staff, Rs. 10,000/- to permanent staff on the expiry of spouse, Rs.3000/- to permanent staff on the expiry of biological parent and Rs. 3000/- to permanent staff on the death of their children as entered in Service Book. Flower wreath is given on the death of non-member staff attached to Traffic Unit from other Unit.

Medical Relief Grant is also given to staff members ranging from Rs. 1000/- to Rs. 3000/- depending on the seriousness of injury and illness.

Farewell and wedding gift is given to staff members as below :

(1) Superannuation Pension         –           Rs. 70000/-

(Gift + Citation)

(2) Voluntary Pension                   –           Rs. 3000/-

(Gift + Citation)

(3) Medical Invalid Pension         –           Rs. 3000/-

(Gift + Citation)

(4) Wedding (First marriage)       –           Rs. 3000/-

Natural Calamities Relief Grant is also given to staff members maximum Rs. 10,000/- depending upon the gravity of damage caused.

The accounts, records and registers in respect of the Mizoram Police Traffic Staff Welfare Fund is maintained by the Treasurer i.e. Unit Cashier.

IV. Medal Recipients:

(1) Pu H. Ramthlengliana, SSP, Traffic   –           President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service, 2018

(2) C/54 H. Lalrindika                                –           Governor’s Gold Medal, 2018

(3) C/93 VLMS Dawngliana                      –           Governor’s Gold Medal, 2017

(4) C/123 Zairemtluanga                           –           Governor’s Gold Medal, 2011