Serchhip DEF

I. Brief history of the Unit:

          The Govt. of Mizoram created Aizawl South District in the year 1998 comprising the areas covered by Serchhip, Lungpho and N.Vanlaiphai Assembly Constituencies with Serchhip as District Headquarter. The name of the District was subsequently changed to “Serchhip District” on 3.6.1999 and the names of Assembly Constituencies of Lungpho and N.Vanlaiphai was also changed to Tuikum and Hrangturzo respectively. Serchhip District thus created is situated in the heart of Mizoram and it has a small area adjacent to international border with Myanmar in the east.

  • Location               –        112 kms South from Aizawl.
  • Density                 –        46 per Sq. Kms
  • Population           –        64,875 (Male – 32,824; Female – 32,051).
  • Literacy Rate        –        98.76 %
  • Police Station       –        3
  • Beat Post              –        1

          The Office of Superintendent of Police, Serchhip District started functioning in a rented house at New Serchhip since the creation of the District and the present Office of S.P Serchhip at IOC Veng was occupied and inaugurated on 23.8.2012 with a limited Staff.

II. Functions and responsibilities:

As per Mizoram Police Manual Rule 47, 48 & 50.

III. Organisation set up and establishment:

  • Superintendent of Police. As per Mizoram Police Manual.
  • Superintendent of Police. As per Mizoram Police Manual.
  • Sub-Divisional Police Officer. As per Mizoram Police Manual.
  • Reserve Officer, Reserve Branch. According to Mizoram Police Manual, the main function of RO is maintenance of administration and discipline of the Unit. Moreover deals with all matters of correspondences and other duties in respect of the members of the forces within the District.
  • Head Assistant, Establishment Branch. This Branch deals with the General correspondences and Accounts.
  • Reader Inspector, Crime Branch. This Branch deals with all records and correspondences relating to Crime in the District and other crime related matter from outside District.
  • Prosecution Inspector, Prosecution Branch. Prosecution Branch has also been formed and it is headed by an Inspector and includes 2 constables. They station themselves at the District Court and work in alias with the District Assistant Public Prosecutor.
  • Motor Transport Officer, MT Branch. This branch deals with repairs, maintenance and care of all the vehicles of the Unit.
  • In-Charge, Clothing Branch. This branch deals with collect and disburse clothing items to Police individual and safe keeping of undisbursed items.
  • Officer-in-Charges – Serchhip PS, N.Vanlaiphai PS, Thenzawl PS. O/Cs of Police Stations functions as per Mizoram Police Manual.
  • In-Charge, Traffic Branch. There is no separate sanction of force for performing Traffic duty within the district. However, arrangement has been made by making some adjustment from the present sanction of force and a separate traffic branch has been formed. The strength is arranged in accordance with the staff of Serchhip Police Station. This traffic staff regulates and control movements of vehicles within Serchhip Town and they were put under the responsibility of Officer-in-Charge, Serchhip Police Station.

IV. Welfare measures :

  • Construction of 3(three) nos of culvert in the approach road of Police land at Khawtetlang, New Serchhip with the help of DRDA Serchhip District.
  • Construction and improvement of foot path within family lines at Police complex in the form of pavements and steps which is approximately around 120 (hundred and twenty) mtrs and 70 (seventy) feet in length.
  • Fencing of Police and Judicial exchange land, Khawtetlang is highly required.
  • Construction of Guest house for Police is necessary.
  • As the residence of SP Serchhip is in a remote place i.e. Khawtetlang, New Serchhip, around 10 (ten) nos. of street light for putting at the approach road is required, requirement of street light has been submitted to concerned authority (LAD Deptt.).
  • Serchhip DEF has 10 nos of Light vehicles and 4 nos. of 2 wheelers. The vehicles were allotted to SP, Addl. SP, SDPO, Dy SP(Hqrs), all PSs and Traffic Branch. Specially, 2 wheeler were allotted to SP office, establishment branch and Serchhip PS. The vehicle allotment was arranged as per the necessity.

    V. Photo Gallery: