3rd Bn MAP


The Third Battalion Mizoram Armed Police (3rd Bn. MAP) was established on 9th November, 1992 with Battalion Headquarters at Mualpui, Aizawl, Mizoram. The Battalion Headquarters is located in the south-eastern part of Aizawl city and is more or less isolated from the main city. Compared to other parts of Aizawl, 3rd Bn. MAP Hqrs. Mualpui is lying at a lower altitude which also affects the climatic temperature, pressure and humidity. The area has a higher temperature and humidity. However, the green vegetation of the Battalion complex provides a clean and fresh natural environment. Efforts are taken to preserve the green vegetation. In addition, a number of fruit bearing trees, flower-bearing trees, plants and other avenue trees and shrubs has been planted.

The ‘4 Coy. Cell’ which was created vide Govt. of Mizoram Order No. A.12028/2/88-HMP Dt. 9.1.1991 and No.A.12028/2/88-HMP Dt. 21/1/1991 was the forerunner of the 3rd Battalion MAP. It had a modest beginning effective from 2.8.1991 at 1st Bn. MAP Complex, Armed Veng, Aizawl with one Assistant Commandant and a small body of staffs working directly under AIG-II. The office was shifted to Police Headquarters, Aizawl in December, 1991. The Home Department, Govt. of Mizoram sanctioned the post of Commandant for the 4 Coy. Cell vide Order No. 12023/4/92- HMP Dt. 23.9. Pu L.H Shanliana took charge of the office as the first Commandant on 9.11.1992 and the 4-Coy Cell was officially named the 3rd Battalion Mizoram Armed Police. With the approval of Police Headquarters, the office was shifted to Mualpui from PHQ, Aizawl with effect from 10.11.1992.

Since its inception, the following Police officers had been posted as Commandant of the Battalion:

SI. No. Name Cadre From To
1 L.H. Shanliana MPS 9.11.1992 04.10.1994
2 Varchungnunga MPS 5.10.1994 20.08.1995
3 F. Hranghlira MPS 21.08.1995 06.07.1999
4 V. Lalthakima MPS 14.07.1999 14.03.2004
5 L. Hrangnawna MPS 15.03.2004 16.01.2005
6 John Neihlaia MPS 17.01.2005 01.10.2008
7 Joseph Lalchhuana MPS 01.10.2008 16.01.2009
8 Lalhruaia MPS 19.01.2009 03.09.2010
9 K. Amona MPS 03.09.2010 24.11.2011
10 Lalhuliana Fanai MPS 04.01.2011 03.06.2014
11 Laldawngliana MPS 03.06.2014 01.08.2018
12 John Zothansanga MPS 01.08.2018 29.2.2020
13 C.Lalzahngoa MPS 16.3.2020

At present, Pu John Zothansanga, MPS is the Commandant of the Battalion.


The Commandant is the administrative head of 3rd Battalion MAP. The final authority on all matters within the Battalion is vested in the Commandant, subject to the supervision and control of superior officers, namely, Deputy Inspector General of Police (Training), Inspector General of Police, and Director General of Police.

The Commandant is assisted by a Second-in-command of the rank of Junior Administrative Grade (JAG) of Mizoram Police Service who is also the Drawing and Disbursing Officer(DDO), a Deputy Commandant and Assistant Commandants who carry out such functions and responsibilities as are entrusted to them and exercise such powers as are delegated to them from time to time. Officers and staff of various ranks are entrusted duties and responsibilities accordingly with the Mizoram Police Manual, 2005.

There are various administrative and logistic branches which performs different functions in a coordinated manner. The various branches of this Unit are as follows:

General Branch:

The General Branch consists of Ministerial staff under Head Assistant (H.A) of the rank of Inspector of Police (Ministerial) and mainly deals with financial administration of the Battalion. It prepares various types of Bills under different heads for presentation to government Treasury. The various staff process their concerned files and correspondences routing through the Head Assistant who puts up all the files to the DDO who then puts up the files before the Commandant.

Record Branch:

The Record Branch consists of executive staff under Record Officer of the rank of Inspector of Police (AB). It deals with all the office records, service sheets and registers connected with service matters of personnel of the Battalion, correspondences and other office records like Leave, Increments, Promotion, Seniority, Pay-Fixation, Rewards and Punishments in service sheet of Executive staff, etc. It also deals with posting and transfer and duty detailment within the Battalion after proposed list is submitted by Coy. Hqrs./G.D. branch. It functions under the supervision of the Adjutant.

Quarter Master Branch:

The Quartermaster (QM) Branch deals with arms and ammunitions and other logistic materials needed by the Unit such as office furnitures, anti-riot equipments, clothing and collection and issue of Ration, maintains all relevant Stock Ledgers and other important records, Staff Quarters, land and buildings etc. The head of this branch is called the Quartermaster of the rank of Inspector of Police (AB). He is assisted by one or two Quartermaster Sub-Inspectors (QSIs) and other staff of various ranks under the direct supervision of Assistant Commandant, QM.

Motor Transport Branch:

The Battalion has a fleet of different types of vehicles. The Motor Transport Branch is responsible for the maintenance of these vehicles and keep them in tip-top conditions. The head of this branch is called the Motor Transport Officer (MTO) of the rank of Inspector of Police (AB). He is assisted by Motor Transport Havildar and other logistic staff which comprises of technical and non-technical personnel. The branch is supervised by the Deputy Commandant under the control of the 2nd-in-command or the Commandant.

Headquarters Company (General Duty Branch):

The Headquarters Company or the General Duty Branch is headed by the senior-most Inspector called as Inspector, Administration or ADM(I). It comprises of those Sub-ordinate Officers (SOs), Under Officers (UOs) and Constables posted in the Battalion Hqrs. other than those posted in other branches of the Headquarters. The branch is responsible for the security, orderliness and cleanliness of the Battalion Hqrs. and family lines, proposal for deployment of force for different kinds of duty, transfer and posting and other miscellaneous activities of the Battalion through the services of the Duty Officers, Ready Commanders and personnel, Line Regimental Police (RP), and other security duty at Main Gate, Magazine Guards, etc. The ADMI (I) is assisted by one Sub-Inspector Adjutant or J.A (Junior Adjutant), Battalion Havilder Major (BHM) and Company Havilder Majors (CHMs), and Battalion Writers respectively under the direct supervision of the Adjutant who is the Company Commander of the Hqrs. Coy.

Work distribution is made among the Gazetted Officers of the Battalion to supervise the working of the above mentioned various branches. However, the final authority of the Battalion is vested with the Commandant.


Personnel of 3rd Battalion MAP are mainly deployed within Aizawl city. A Platoon strength of the Unit personnel are deployed in Serchhip and Thenzawl to assist the DEF personnel. They are utilized in duties such as law and order duty, bank escorts, election duties and other security duties. A number of Unit’s personnel are attached to other units and officers as attendants. The Unit’s personnel are also deployed in various parts of Aizawl city as security guards at important government installations and as House Guards to protected persons. A Section strength of the Unit personnel is attached to Aizawl Police Station to provide assistance to the DEF.


The total land holdings of the 3rd Bn. MAP has an area of 58,707.39 Sqm. under DPL No. 23 of 1992. The Battalion complex has close neighbours such as Mualpui, Salem Veng, ITI Veng, etc. The Unit has a friendly and peaceful relations with the neighbouring localities.

One of the problems faced by 3rd Bn. MAP is shortage of accommodation (govt. residential quarters) for staff. The present holdings can provide accommodation to about one-fourth of the staff i.e. in residential quarters, barracks and kutcha huts at Battalion Hqrs. complex. The remaining staff are staying in either rented houses in most cases or in their private homes/houses.


The 3rd Bn. MAP has organized few regimental institutions which are useful for staff welfare measures. The staffs are allowed to borrow money maintained under different institutions without any interest. The different heads under these institutions are Ration Fund, Unit Tea Canteen Fund, Relief Fund, Unit Family Welfare Fund, Civil Canteen Rebate Fund, Sports Fund, and Unit Welfare Fund.

  • Wet Tea Canteen

The Canteen provides tea and other eatables at a cheap rate for the personnel, families and visitors. It is maintained and managed by the Battalion in order to ensure better management and service.

  • Ration Store

The Ration Store procures rice and other essential items like sugar etc. which is resold to the families at a nominal profit.

  • Dry Canteen

Dry Canteen is managed by a Contractor. This canteen supplies different items at a reasonable rate to the personnel and the families.

  • Carpentry workshop

The Carpentry workshop is equipped with modern machineries and is effectively utilized for making/repairing of various requirements such as office furnitures, School furnitures, door and window frames, etc of the various government buildings within the Battalion complex.

  • Cobbler & Blacksmith

The Unit Cobblers take care of repair of the footwear of the personnel and their families free of cost. Similarly, the Unit Blacksmiths cater to the requirements of the Unit and personnel free of cost.

  • Tailoring Centre

This unit has 6(six) Sewing Machines and Unit tailors stitch uniforms of the Battalion personnel by charging only the cost of buttons, zippers, threads etc which is about 5 (five) times lower than the normal market rate.


This Battalion has a full-fledged Parade Ground with two pavilions which can also be used as a football playground. The public and other organizations are also given permission to use the ground on payment of fees and the revenue received is utilised for welfare purposes.


The Battalion has a ten-bedded Hospital with Dispensary, Wards and Labour room. A Medical officer and other medical staff are presently working at the Hospital to cater the medical needs and assistance of the Battalion staff and families. However, there are rooms for improvement in terms of medical equipments and other facilities.


The Police Centre Building located at 3rd Bn. MAP Hqrs. is utilised as Centre of Excellence by the Mizoram Football Association in partnership with Tata Trust under deeds of agreement with Mizoram Police.


The basement of the Police Centre Building is utilised and designated for 3rd Bn. MAP Guest House with three well-furnished guest rooms. It was inaugurated on 25th August, 2017.


The Police Central Store building located at the Battalion Hqrs. Mualpui is used for storing Police clothing items and other articles procured by Police Hqrs. for further distribution to different units of the department.


The Battalion has a good Badminton Hall equipped with court-mat/ carpet and proper lighting system.


The Battalion has an outdoor firing range within the battalion complex with a range of 100 meters. Construction and improvement works of the firing range has been carried out on self help basis and with funds received from PHQ.


The Battalion has no adequate water supply. Water connection system under government scheme/undertaking is still unavailable in the Battalion complex. Supply of water is carried out through fetching of fresh water from PHE reservoirs Unit’s by water tanker and distributed on equal basis under uniform tariff.

However, PHE Department officials were approached for supply of water to the Battalion Hqrs. and necessary action has been taken on this regard as a result of which installation/laying of water pipelines has been completed and provision of water connection to offices and govt. residential quarters of 3rd Bn. MAP complex is currently undertaken.


The 3rd Battalion MAP English Medium School which is located inside the Battalion complex provides elementary education to children. A monthly contribution is made by all ranks of the Battalion staff for effectively running the school. Free Mid-day Meal Scheme under SSA is also introduced in the school.


Refresher Course training is conducted regularly at the Battalion Headquarters for 3rd Bn. MAP personnel. The training is intended to improve the skills and efficiency of the personnel in the field of weapons and tactics, drills, physical and mental health and fitness as well as to educate them in indoor subjects such as relevant rules and laws, and matters related to policing. Training on arms familiarization and physical fitness is also regularly conducted in the Battalion.


The Battalion Band Platoon was raised on 9th February, 2001. The Band Platoon participated in important state and national celebrations as well as in important occasions such as visits of VVIP/VIPs, and other programmes. The Band Platoon won the 1st prize in the Mizoram Police Sport Meet Band competition 2017.


There has been important various achievements/developments in the Battalion during the 2018-19 financial year which are worth-mentioning. The assistance and continuous support offered by the Police department, co-operation and friendly relations with other civil departments and workmanship among the battalion staff are a crucial contribution to the recent developments achieved by the Battalion, which may be mentioned as follows:

  • Resurfacing/Seal coating of the main road inside the Battalion complex with an approx, length of 0.5 kms. from the Battalion Main Gate to Arms Kote has been completed in March, 2018 with an estimated amount of Rs. 19 lakhs from the Public Works Department, Govt. of Mizoram.
  • Installation/laying of water pipelines for provision of water connection to offices and govt. residential quarters of 3rd Bn. MAP under SIPMIU has been completed.
  • Improvement and black-topping of internal roads within the Battalion complex covering 0.93 kms. with an estimated amount of Rs. 1.2 crores and construction of link-drains has been completed.
  • Roadside waiting sheds has also been constructed at various places inside the Battalion complex.
  • A RCC Protective wall has been constructed behind the target line of the Firing Range to protect firing accidents which may occur and to ensure safety of the public domain beyond the target which is but afar.
  • Levelling and extension of Firing Range involving deep excavation works has been carried out with the help of public outsource but leaving rooms for minor improvement works.
  • Construction of Sentry duty post at the main entry to the Battalion has been completed.
  • Construction of Outdoor Roll Call ground at the Battalion Flqrs. complex has been completed.
  • Construction of Battalion Main Gate has been completed.


There are various ongoing as well as upcoming development works/projects which will set a milestone for the Battalion as well as for the Police Department.

  • Improvement project of 3rd MAP Firing Range which includes installation of Multi-Functional Target System with an estimated amount of Rs. 65.8 Lakhs will commence shortly and construction of water link-drain at Firing range with an estimated amount of Rs. 36 lakhs is currently undertaken.
  • Renovation and repairing of offices and residential quarters is continuously undertaken.