Siaha DEF


Siaha DEF started functioning as Office of the Superintendent of Police, Chhimtuipui District, Saiha on 1.4.1973. Chhimtuipui DEF included the present Lawngtlai DEF. This unit was initially headed by Pu C. Khenglawt, APS, Dy. SP (Hqrs) as officiating SP from Lunglei District while the first SP was Pu SK Singh, IPS who was posted from 5.9.1974 to 2.12.1976.

Consequent upon the bifurcation of Chhimtuipui District into Saiha District and Lawngtlai District on 13.10.1998, Chhimtuipui DEF came to be known as Saiha DEF and the first SP, Saiha was Pu C. Vanlalvena, MPS.

However, on approval of Official Resolution passed by the MADC in its Session on 31st July’ 2013 by Governor of Mizoram, the existing names of towns, villages, lake and rivers within Mara Autonomous District are reverted back into their names from the date of issue of notification vide No. H.13012/2/2010-DCA (M) Dated 3.8.2015. As such ‘Saiha’ became ‘Siaha’ and ‘Saiha DEF’ is called as ‘Siaha DEF’.


The following points are the functions and responsibilities of Siaha District Police.

  • Investigation related duties and jobs.
  • Crime prevention and preservation of peace and security.
  • Crime detection work.
  • Order maintenance and security jobs.
  • Enforcement of Social Legislation, Minor, Major and Special Acts.
  • Collection of Intelligence.
  • Democratic and election related duties.
  • Natural calamities, disaster management and emergency duties.
  • Maintenance of Police Records.
  • Assistance to other departments.
  • Miscellaneous duties and functions.


The following are the branches of the District Police Establishment: 

  • Account/General Branch: This branch presently is manned by ministerial staff consisting of three Inspectors (M) and four SIs (M). The actual strength of the staff of this particular branch may differ from time to time according to number of staff posted in the district.
  • Reserve Branch and Clothing Store: This branch/store is manned by one Inspector, SIs, ASIs and a number of Head Constables, Constables (Literate Constable) and IV Grade in which the authority is felt necessary to post various ranks according to the requirement of the district from time to time.
  • Crime Branch: This branch is manned by Reader Sub-Inspector (RSI) and few constables (Literate Constable) as per requirement.
  • Prosecution Branch: This branch is under the head of Prosecuting Sub-Inspector and other supporting staff and mainly deals with judicial matter at the district judicial court.
  • Motor Transport Branch: This branch deals with the overall manning of vehicles including motorcycle, generator etc, POL and various grade of drivers within the district under the close supervision of one Officer (preferably SI or above) with other supporting staffs of few constables for Handyman/Literate constable under the overall supervision of Superintendent of Police, Siaha.
  • Confidential Branch: This branch deals with personal official matters of Superintendent of Police which is manned by one Officer designated as Personal Assistant to the Superintendent of Police with other supporting staffs.
  • District Special Branch: This branch plays a vital role in collecting advance information regarding crime and other important matters relating to Police work. Also, this branch is to be manned by SBI (Special Branch Inspector) with other supporting staffs of SI and other ranks from district Police in attachment as this branch has separate sanctioned strength and allotment head of salary.


The present Siaha District is consisting of three Police Stations viz. Siaha Police Station, Tipa Police Station and Phura Police Station, three Police Outposts viz. Kaochao OP, Lobo OP and Siahatla OP and one Traffic Branch. The Sub-Inspector rank Officers are controlling Police Stations and Asst Sub-Inspector control Outposts with limited strength under the close supervision of SDPO and the under overall supervision of SP, Siaha.


Unit welfare is also set up under the supervision of SP and is responsible for redressal of grievances of each and every staff within the unit. Also, a sum of Rs. 50,000 is given as condolence to unit staff who died during service and Rs. 3000 to pensioner as a farewell gift.