Police Headquarters (PHQ)


LOCATION : Police Headquarters, Mizoram is situated at the heart of the capital City at Khatla, Aizawl, Mizoram.

ADDRESS :  Police Headquarters, Khatla, Aizawl, Mizoram. Pin Code – 796001.

CONTACTS:  Aizawl STD Code 0389 Country Code + 91

DGP  2334682/ 2334310 (Fax) polmizo@rediffmail.com
IGP (L& O)   2333099 igpmizoram@gmail.com
IGP (Hqrs. /Intel)  2333059 igphqrs@mizoram.gov.in
DIG(Hqrs)       2334858 dighqrs@mizoram.gov.in
 DIG(TRG)   2333043/ 2336067 (Fax) digtraining.mizoram@gmail.com
DIG(NR)  2333238/ 2334241 (Fax)
AIG(Hqrs)  2334355/ 2335467 (Fax) aig1phq@gmail.com
AIG (P&L) 2335340/ 2335578 (Fax) aig2phq@gmail,com
AIG(Ops)     2333441
AIG(Legal)    2333076
DDA     2334128
EE   2335462
PHQ EPABX    0389 2333576/ 2333577/ 2334172
ISPW   0389 2322367


Mizoram is headed by the Director General of Police (DGP) assisted by various senior officers like IGP (L&O), IGP (Hqrs/ Intel.), DIG (HQ), DIG (TRG), DIG(NR), DIG (ER), AIG( Hqrs), AIG(P&L), AIG(Ops), AIG (Trg), AIG (Legal) and AIG (Modernisation). Various branches and fuctionaries at PHQ are shown in the Organisation Chart of PHQ. The current DGP of Mizoram is Pu S.B.K Singh IPS.


The Mizo District Council, one of the adminsitrative unit under the state of Assam got status of Union territory on 21st January, 1972. Until Mizoram became Union Territory, the then Superintendent of Lushai Hills was the head of Police Force assisted by one Dy.SP. The first and foremost Superintendent of Police was posted in 1960. A small CID cell was also functioned under the control of Dy. SP at that time.

 Shri I.J Verma IPS was posted as the first I.G.P of Union Territory, Mizoram (20.01.1972- 27.09.1974). During that time S. P, PHQ who was in charge MPRO/ FSL, S. P Aizawl, SP Lunglei, Dy. SP in- charge Chhimtuipui District (now Siaha and Lawngtlai District) and S.P, CID (SB) had also functioned.

Shri G.S Arya IPS was posted as IGP, Mizoram vice Shri I.J. Verma IPS in 1974. In 1975 two other IPS officers were also posted in Mizoram. Shri L. B Sewa IPS took the charge of DIG, Mizoram w.e. f 01.01.1975 and Shri K. Panchapagesan IPS was the S.P, CID (SB) w.e.f 10.01.1975.

          The Union Territory of Mizoram attained Statehood on 20.02.1987 with three districts viz. Aizawl, Lunglei and Chhimtuipui district. The Police Sub- Division, Police Station and Outpost in 1987 are as follows:-

 Name of District Sub-Division P.S O.P
 Aizawl 5 18 6
 Lunglei 2 6 2
 Chhimtuipui 2 6 3


After ten years of statehood, five new districts came into being in 1998 and there were eight districts in Mizoram till 2019. In addition to these eight districts, three new districts already notified by the Government of Mizoram in the year 2008 have also been made functional in the year 2019. Subsequently, office of the Superintendents of Police with its headquarters at Saitual, Khawzawl and Hnahthial are alse created vide Home Dept. Notification vide No. A-11013/1/2013-HM 1/A Dt.18.6.2019. Thus, there are 11 (eleven) districts altogether. Name of districts, district- wise Police Sub- Divisions, Police Stations and Police Outpost as on March, 2020 is indicated below:-


District Sub-Division Police Stations Police Out Posts
  1.  Aizawl South
  2. Aizawl South
  3. Sakawrdai
  1.  Aizawl
  2. Kulikawn
  3. Bawngkawn
  4. Vaivakawn
  5. Sairang
  6. Sialsuk
  7. Sakawrdai
  8. Darlawn



  1.  Zonuam
  2. New Vervek


  1. Lunglei
  2. Tlabung
  1. Lunglei
  2. Tlabung
  3. Lungsen
  4. Bunghmun
  1. Hrangchalkawn


  1. Siaha
  1. Siaha
  2. Tipa
  3. Phura
  1. Kaochao (Kawlchaw)
  2. Siahatla (Siahatlangkawn)
  3. Lobo (Lungbun)


  1. Champhai
  1. Champhai
  2. Zokhawthar (Newly upgraded
  3. Dungtlang (Newly upgraded)
  1. Kolasib
  2. Vairengte
  1. Kolasib
  2. Kawnpui
  3. Bairabi
  4. Vairengte
  1. Bilkhawthlir
  2. Saiphai (Temporary)
  1. Serchhip
  1. Serchhip
  2. Thenzawl
  3. N.Vanlaiphai
  1. Chhingchhip (Temporary)
  1. Lawngtlai
  2. Chawngte
  1. Lawngtlai
  2. Sangau
  3. Chawngte
  4. Vasei
  5. Borapansury
  1. Bungtlang ‘S’
  2. Bualpui’NG’
  1. Mamit
  2. West Phaileng
  3. Kawrthah
  1. Mamit
  2. Marpara
  3. West Phaileng
  4. Kawrthah
  5. Kanhmun
  1. Zawlnuam
Saitual Vacant
  1. Saitual
  2. Ngopa
  1. Hnahthial
  1. Hnahthial
  2. Thingsai
  1. S.Vanlaiphai
  1. Khawzawl
  1. Khawzawl
Total 17 40 13
  1. Special Narcotic PS
  2. Cyber Crime
  1. All Women P.S
Grand Total 17 43 13


Aizawl DEF                                                                   – 1971

Lunglei DEF                                                                 – 1972

Mizoram Police Radio Organisation (MPRO)      – 1972

Criminal Investigation Departmnet (SB)              – 1973

PTC, Lungverh (upgraded to PTS w.e.f. 2012)    – 1973

1st Battalion MAP                                                      – 1973

Saiha (now Siaha)          DEF                                   – 1974

Criminal Investigation Department (Crime)       – 1975

Central Police Workshop                                         – 1983

2nd Battalion MAP                                                    – 1987

3rd Battalion MAP                                                     – 1992

1st Indian Reserve Battalion                                    – 1993

Security                                                                        – 1994

Lawngtlai DEF                                                            – 1998

Champhai DEF                                                           – 1998

Mamit DEF                                                                  – 1998

Serchhip DEF                                                              – 1998

Kolasib DEF                                                                 – 1998

2nd Indian Reserve Battalion                                  – 2001

3rd Indian Reserve Battalion                                   – 2007

4th Indian Reserve Battalion                                  – 2007

5th Indian Reserve Battalion                                  – 2008

S.P, Traffic                                                                  – 2008

Saitual DEF                                                                 – 2019

Khawzawl DEF                                                           – 2019

Hnahthial DEF                                                           – 2019


  • The Mizoram Police Employees Welfare Fund Rules, 2019 (Revised) has been implemented vide PHQ No. CB/ PHQ/ WFR/ 97/264 dt 07.01.2020. The scale of financial assistance for Ex- Gratia Grant and Relief Grant to the members of Police are as under: –
  • Ex-Gratia Grant for all ranks             –  Rs. 1,00,000/-
  • Relief Grant (Medical)
    • Kidney Transplant                     –  Rs.1,00,000/-
    • Open Heart Surgery & Cancer –  Rs.25,000/-
  • Relief Grant (Natural Calamity) –  up to Rs.50,000/- (depending upon the gravity of damage caused as per assessment made by the concerned head of unit)
  • The State Governmet vide Notification No. G.17011/ 4/2010-F.APF/54 dt/27/10/2010 ordered thart an Ex- Gratia lump- sum compensation will be available to the families of Govt. employees, who died in the performance of their bona fide official duties under various circumstances from the date of this office memorandum the amount of this Ex- Gratia lump- sum compensation shall  be as under:-
1 Death occurring due to accident in the course of performance of duties ` 10.00 lakhs
2 Death occurring in the course of performance of duties attributable to acts of violence by terrorists anti-social elements, etc. ` 15.00 lakhs
3 Death occurring due to (a) enemy action in international war or border skirmishes and (b) action against militants, terrorists extremists, etc. ` 15.00 lakhs
4 Death occurring while on duty in the specified high altitude, inaccessible border posts, etc. on account of natural disasters, extreme weather conditions ` 15.00 lakhs