3rd IR Battalion


  • The 3rd India Reserve Battalion was raised in 2007 vide MHA Letter No.16001/202005-PF.N(V) dt.22.03.2006 and Govt. of Mizoram order No.A.12028/5/92-HMP-PT.II dt.12.06.2006.
  • Recruitment of 3rd IR Bn. personnel was completed on 01.04.2007 and became fully established on 12.05.2008 which is officially recorded/celebrated as Raising Day of the 3rd India Reserve Battalion, Mizoram.


  • Deployment in Assam: The 3rd IR(Mizo) Battalion was deployed in the state of Assam with effect from 28/01/2010 for C.I Ops duty. As per Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi message No. III-11013/1/2023-G/P- II  dt. 16/02/2023 and  IGP(L&O) Assam letter No. C.182/2009/173-A  dt. 23/02/2023, the 3rd IR(Mizo) Battalion was withdrawn from the state of Assam and returned to Mizoram after spending thirteen (13) years. Mass movement of the whole Battalion from the state of Assam began on 21/03/2023 and the last movement was completed on the night of 29/03/2023 and the whole Battalion arrived at Thingkah on 31/03/2023. Office of the Commandant, 3rd IR Bn. Hqrs. was formally and officially set up at its designated Headquarters at Thingkah, Lawngtlai District, Mizoram with effect from 12/04/2023.
  • Deployment in Mizoram: As per PHQ order vide No. PHQ/OPS-158/2023/106 dt. 23/05/2023, Siaha and Lawngtlai District are identified as Operational District and allocated areas of duty for 3rd IR Bn., and the Battalion is placed under administrative control of DIGP(Southern Range). Operational area is 3897 Sq/kms which is 18.67% of the whole area of Mizoram.
  • Link Office, Aizawl: Link office of the Battalion is set up in Aizawl under the supervision of Dy. Commandant/Asst. Commandant with requisite executive and Ministerial Staff. Shifting of the Link office with all its staff to Bn. Hqrs. Thingkah, is expected to be completed soon.


  • Medical Infirmary : Ten (10) bedded Hospital is administered under 3rd IR Bn. Thingkah with one Pharmacist, one Lab. Tech., two Staff Nurse and one Nursing Assistant. Presently, this Unit can undertake/provide various medical tests – (i) Hepatitic B&C, (ii) Hb, (iii) Blood grouping, (iv) BP Checking, (v) Malaria, etc.
  • Water Supply Project: Construction works of Water Supply project at 3rd IR Bn. Hqrs., Thingkah with project cost of Rs 6.90 lakhs under SASCE (Special Assistance to State for Capital Expenditure) was executed by PHE department, Mizoram. Water connection has been given to 51 family quarters under this scheme.

  • There is an underground/spring water or ‘SIH’ inside the Bn. Hqrs. complex which has been upgraded/rejuvenated after occupation of the Bn. Hqrs since April, 2023. During rainy season, thousands of litres of clean water could be pumped out/extracted.
  • Dry Canteen :- Unit Dry Canteen is established at the Battalion Hqrs. to fulfill and cater the daily needs of the personnel and their families.
  • New Badminton Court was constructed on self-help basis at the Battalion Hqrs with an estimated expenditure of Rs.1.3 lakhs. The court is semi out-door and hard court.


  • During deployment in Assam, monetary assistances to the tunes of lakhs of rupees have been given out by personnel of 3rd IR Bn. as charitable acts to the needy local people as well as those in other places in India.
  • 3rd IR Bn. church in Mangaldai and Christian fellowship in different Coys helped construction of  church buildings at various locations in Assam.
  •  As part of celebration of the 37th Remna Ni, 12 (twelve) personnel of 3rd IR Bn. donated their blood at Lawngtlai Civil Hospital on 28/06/2023.
  •  As many as 600 (six hundred) saplings (fruit bearing, flowering etc.) have been planted so far inside Bn.Hqrs., Thingkah jointly working with leaders of Young Lai Association (YLA), Thingkah.
  • On 25.10.2023, 32 personnel of 3rd IR Bn. donated their precious blood to the needy at Lawngtlai Civil Hospital in connection with observance of Police Commemoration  Day and Police Flag Day- 2023.
  • 1(Coy) of 3rd IR Bn. consisting of 57 personnel was deployed for West Bengal Panchayat Election duty during 15.7.2023 – 29.7.2023.