Mission Statement

Mizoram Police resolves to Uphold and Enforce the Law impartially and to Protect Life, Liberty, Property, Human Rights and Dignity of all the people and to secure environment, conducive to their internal and external growth and development.


  • Pursue and bring justice to all the people and improve quality of life in the society.
  • Promote human rights and professional values of Integrity, honesty and efficiency.
  • Equal treatment regardless of Caste, Religion, Social and Economic status or Political affiliation.
  • Improve professionalism, skills and attitudes and adopt modern methods and technology in police work.
  • Earn the goodwill, support and active assistance of the community.
  • Compassionate, courteous and patient, acting without fear or favour.
  • Co-ordinate with all the other justice Administration System.
  • Provide quality leadership at all levels, promoting transparency and ensure accountability.