Lawngtlai DEF

I. Brief History of Lawngtlai Police

The Office of the Superintendent of Police, Lawngtlai District was created in the year 1998 when Chhimtuipui District was divided between Siaha District and Lawngtlai District. Pu John Neihfaia MPS was the first Superintendent of Police. Pu Amit Goel, IPS is the current Superintendent of Police, Lawngtlai District.

II. Functions and Responsibilities

Some of the main functions and responsibilities are:-

(1) Ensuring that law and order is always maintained in the District; the Officers-in-charge and the Gazetted Officers are always watchful of situation in the district taking timely action to prevent any spread or conflagration of any incident affecting law and order or any incident of communal nature. Any derelictions of duty on this matter are always sternly dealt with. Maintaining cordial relationship on this matter with the Executive Magistrates.

(2) Crime control is the other key function of the DEF. Even though, the crime rate in the district is low, the DEF is always making efforts like regular patrolling and awareness to prevent crime.

(3) Ensuring timely collection of intelligence and their dissemination through the District Special Branch is one important responsibility of Lawngtlai District Police. Collection of information of all-important developments, political or otherwise, in the district and keeping superiors informed is another functions and responsibilities.

(4) Maintaining close cooperation with the District Magistrate and keeping him informed of all important developments in the district which may have its repercussion in the law and order situation and all matters of public importance.

(5) Regular meeting with the NGOs, Church Leaders and other respected persons of society are held to ensure co-ordination and co-operation with them.

(6) Community policing initiatives like drugs and liquor joint checking with NGOs, POCSO awareness campaign among children in schools, traffic awareness drives are also regularly conducted.


III. Organization Setup and Establishments

Lawngtlai Police is headed by the Superintendent of Police who is appointed by the Government of Mizoram from amongst the Gazetted Officers of the Indian Police Service (IPS) or JAG-ranked officer of the Mizoram Police Service (MPS). In many occasion, Senior Grade-ranked officer were also appointed to take the charge of the office of the Superintendent of Police.

The Office of the Superintendent of Police consists of the following Branches – (a) General Branch, (b) Account Branch, (c) Crime Branch, (d) Reserve Office/Branch, and (e) The District Special Branch. There is also a Confidential Branch which deals with all confidential matters and is handled either by the Personnel Assistant to the Superintendent of Police or any other Ministerial officer selected by the Superintendent of Police.

The Superintendent of Police, who is in over all charge of police in the district as a whole is assisted by various gazetted officers – the Additional Superintendent of Police (Addl. SP) and Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) who is located in the Sub-Divisional Headquarters. Pu VL Lura Hauzel, MPS is the current Additional Superintendent of Police for Lawngtlai District Executive Force.

There are two Sub-Divisions under Lawngtlai Police District, one at Lawngtlai and the other at Chawngte.

IV. Other Activities carried out in the District:

  1. Child Friendly Corner: The Child friendly Corner was set up in 2018 which was the first in Mizoram. It was created with the purpose of creating a convenient environment for children visiting the Police Station.
  2. Regular foot patrolling: Intensive foot patrolling was held regularly day and night by concerned Police Station and Police Outpost within the district.
  3. Drugs Awareness in Schools: Drugs awareness campaign had been held in various schools so as to educate the school children on the ill-effects of drugs.
  4. Capacity Building of Police Station/Outpost: Ali Police Stations and Police Outposts were provided with Television set, Search Lights, Fluorescent jackets, extra handcuffs. Some stations were also provided with inverter set so as to cope with the fluctuating electric especially during the monsoon season.

V. Welfare Measures: Lawngtlai District Police Welfare Committee was constituted under the chairmanship of the Superintendent of Police, Lawngtlai. Besides, MPSOA, Lawngtlai Branch and Police Wife Welfare Committee, Lawngtlai Branch also constituted.

  1. Quarter Repairs: Repair of quarters had been done in various locations within the district by utilising economically the fund received.
  2. Barakhana for Police Families: Pre-Christmas barakhana was organised for police families at various police stations and outposts within the district.
  3. Lectures by Church Leaders: Respectable Church Leaders were invited during morning parade. They gave lectures on self-discipline, awareness on alcohol abused for police personnel and offered a prayer for the police as well.
  4. Lectures by Doctors on Health Maintenance: Staff of District Hospital Lawngtlai had given lectures on health maintenance focusing on drugs and alcohol abused.
  5. Blood Donations Camp: Blood donations programme was organised in co-ordination with the Blood Bank Department of Lawngtlai District Hospital at the office of the Superintendent of Police Lawngtlai District, Several units of blood were donated for the use of the needy at District Hospital, Lawngtlai.


VI. Medal Recipients: Constable Vailianruma (L) w/o Pi Liandawli was awarded Police Medal for Gallantry Award in 2011.