Kolasib DEF

I.  Brief History of Kolasib / SP Kolasib District

On July 29th 1998 Kolasib was elevated into a district and Kolasib DEF. was born. In 2007 a new Sub-Division, Vairengte Sub-Division was created underKolasib District. At present Kolasib DEF. consist of two Sub-Division namely Kolasib Sub-Division and Vairengte Sub-Division and four Police Station Namely Kolasib, Kawnpui, Bairabi and Vairengte and two Out-Post at Bilkhawthlir and Saiphai, Kolasib DEF. even consist Traffic Cell which was established on 23rd December 2008. The Office of SP Kolasib is situated at Khuampuilam, Kolasib and presently SP, Koalsib is assisted by Addl. S.P,Dy.SP Head Quarters and several Sub-ordinate Officers and staff. The post of SP Kolasib has been occupied by the following Officers as under:-

List of Superintendent of Police, Kolasib

Sl. No. Name From To
1 Joseph  Lalchhuana  MPS 1.9.1998 6.8.2003
2 LalbiakthangaKhiangte  MPS 6.8.2003 22.9.2008
3 Lallianmawia  MPS 22.9.2008 9.11.2009
4 PC  Lalchhuanawma  MPS 12.11.2009 2.9.2010
5 Madhur Verma  IPS 2.9.2010 14.5.2013
6 Rishi  Pal  IPS 3.9.2013 31.7.2014
7 RP  Meena  IPS 26.8.2014 6.5.2015
8 C.  Lalzahngoa,   MPS 11.5.2015 21.7.2017
9 Abhishek Dhania   IPS 24.7.2017 23.1.2019
10 Vanlalfaka Ralte   MPS 2.2.2019 Till date


II. Functions and Responsibilities:
Kolasib DEF. is divided into two Sub-Divisions – Kolasib Sub-Division headed by SDPO, Kolasib and Vairengte Sub-Division headed by SDPO, Vairengte, Kolasib Sub-Division comprises Kolasib PS, Kawnpui PS and Bairabi PS and Vairengte Sub-Division comprises Vairengte PS, Bilkhawthlir Out-Post and SaiphaiOut Post. All the Police Stations and Out-Post regularly checked criminal activities and maintains law and order situation within their respective jurisdiction. They functions in prevention and detection of crime.         

III. Welfare measures :

District Welfare Committee (KLB DEF.) was constituted under the chairmanship of SP, Kolasib and all head of branches SP(K) Office were all the members of the welfare.       

IV Medal Recipients :

Kolasib DEF. is also responsible for maintenance of Law and Order within Kolasib District and men of Kolasib DEF. have been awarded Medals, Awards and recommendation for their good and exceptional service to the state and the country as whole.  3 (three) Police Officers have been awarded Police medal and 5 (five) Police Officers have been awarded Governor Gold medal for their exceptional service even in the face of danger or impending death. The name of the medal receipts are shown as below:

List of medal recipients.

Sl. No. Rank Name Medal Year
1 SI LalrinthangaSailo Police  Medal 25.10.2006
  • POLICE MEDAL FOR meritorious service
Sl. No. Rank Name Year
1 Inspr ARV  Pillai Republic Day  2008
2. SP KLB C. Lalzahngoa,  MPS Independence Day, 2016
Sl. No. Rank Name Year
1. SI. B. Lalbiakmawia Independence Day, 2001
2. SI CH. Chakma Independence Day,   2001
3. SI JL.  Mahto Independence Day,   2001
4. SI ManikLal  Das Independence Day,   2003
5. Inspr. DP  Mahto Independence Day,   2004