I am pleased to know that the official website of Mizoram Police has been updated. I am sure that the website will be extremely useful to members of police as well as public.

Mizoram Police has always strived to provide efficient, impartial, transparent, responsive and accountable police administration in the state. We have made rapid strides towards our goal of providing technology driven delivery system to the citizens of Mizoram. Despite the difficult terrain, all the Sub-Division Offices and district headquarters have been connected to the Capital. Implementation of CCTNS project is at an advanced stage and capacity building in terms of training of police personnel has been achieved. Read More...


>Guidelines for criteria of Physical/Medical Fitness for awarding Police Service Medal

>Regulations and new format for Award of Governor's Medal-2018

>New Norms/Format for award of PPM for Distinguished Service & PM for Meritorious Service

>Dt 25.10.2017 a Mipa Physical Test neih dan tur Table wise

>Police Recruitment a  Registration leh Physical Measurement dt.17.10.2017 a ti te tan Physical test neih hun hriattirna

>Police Recruitment a Registration leh Physical Measurement la ti lo te hriattir na

>Dt 23.10.2017 leh 24.10.2017 hun a Police Recruitment Programme hriattirna

>Dt.19.10.2017 : Physical Test neih hun tur hriattirna

>> Dt.19.10.2017 : Hmeichhe Candidate te tan a hriattur

>Constable recruitment a Hmeichhia te 1000 mtrs, Long Jump leh High Jump tih hun tur hriattirna 

>Constable recruitment a Hmeichhia 16.10.2017 a registration ti zo Serchhip, Mamit leh Champhai district a mi te tan a Physical Test chung chang hriattur

>Constable recruitment a Hmeichhia 16.10.2017 a Registration ti te tan a Physical Test neih hun tur hriattirna

>Constable (UB & AB) lak tur a, Application form Sl.No hrang hrang te enrollment tih ni tur

>Mizoram Police Constable (UB) leh (AB) lak tur a hriat tur te

>Champhai Police seized 165 grams of suspected Heroin No.4 on 14.10.2017

>Lunglei Police seized 20 Soap cases of suspected Heroin No.4 on 13.10.2017

>9 grams of suspected Heroin No.4 seized by Champhai Police on 10.10.2017

>12 Kg of high grade Crystal Ephedrine seized by Champhai Police on 7.10.2017

>Voluntary Blood Donation by 2nd MAP on 6.10.2017





>> Police Emergency :  100  >> Fire Emergency: 101  >> Child Line : 1098

>> Ambulance             :  102  >> PCR                   : 0389-2334327, 2335359(F) 



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