Press Statement

>> Mizoram Police Press Statement dt.10.6.2020

>> Mizoram Police Press Statement dt.2.6.2020

>> Mizoram Police Press Statement dt.20.5.2020

>> Mizoram Police Press Statement dt.18.5.2020

>> Mizoram Police Press Statement dt.21.4.2020

>> Mizoram Police Press Statement dt.20.4.2020

>> Mizoram Police Press Statement dt.19.4.2020

>> Mizoram Police Press Statement dt.7.4.20 – No.3

>> Mizoram Police Press Statement dt.7.4.20 – No.2

>> Mizoram Police Press Statement dt.7.4.20 – No.1

>> Tablighi Jaamat Markaz a Mizoram atang a inkhawmpui kal chung chang

>> Covid-19  hrileng vang a Police Control Room bun chung chang 

>> Covid-19  kaihhnawih thudik lo thehdarhtu man chhuah chung chang a Police Press Statement

>> Covid-19  kaihhnawih thudik lo thehdarh chung chang a Police Press Statement

>>Covid-19 suspect chungchanga Police Press Statement

>>Methamphetamine man chungchang a Police Press Statement

>> Naupang rukbo chungchang a Mizoram Police Press Statement

>> Thuthang diklo awm thei laka Mizoram Police Press Statement

> Naupang rukbo thuthang chung chang a Mizoram Police Press Statement

>> Inauguration of Police Headquarters New Building on 28.1.2020

>> Ram pawna hnathawka kal te fimkhur tura ngenna

>> Mizoram Police in Tuikhurhlu a Pick-up Truck B/R No. MZ-01-N-7137 atanga Heroin an man chungchanga Mizoram Police Press           Statement

>> Pawisa peipunna chungchanga mipuite fimkhur tura ngenna chungchanga Mizoram Police Press Statement

>> Traffic tawt lutuk tihziaawm na atan motor intlan chhawk tura ruahmanna siam chungchanga Mizoram Police Press Statement

>> International Day Against Drugs Abuse & Illicit Trafficking, 2019 Observed by Mizoram Police

>> Foreigner Registration chungchanga hriattirna

>> Inbumna laka mipuite kan him theihna tura fimkhur tura in ngenna

>> Misual ten inbum dan thar an dap chhuah zel chung chang a mipui te hriat tur

>> Delhi Police Constable (Executive) Recruitment

>> Inrukbo thu diklo Aizawl Police Station-ah dawn a ni

>> Tunlai thiamna hmanga inbumna, Cyber Crime leh zahmawh rawngkai thalak chung changa Mipuite hriattur pawimawh

>> Public Interest Announcement on online Frauds – PR 14.12.2018

>> Mizoram MLA Inthlan tluang tak a neih a vang a lawmthu sawina

>> Mizoram Police Gears up for Elections – Appeals all stake holders

>> Inthlanpui a tana Mizoram Police Hmalakna leh mipui te hnen a ngenna

>> Ram leh hnam inpumkhatna vawnghim zel tur a ngenna

>> Press Statement requesting public of mizoram to create conducive and friendly atmosphere during MLA Election 2018

>> Press Statement requesting public to co-operate with Mizoram Police for the induction of CAPF /SAP

>> Inthlan a duty tur a chah luh CAPF / SAP chung chang a mipuite te hnen a ngenna

>> Reang (Bru) Relief Camp a awm ten thlamuang tak a vote an thlak theih nan a Mipuite ngenna

>>  Building measures taken by Mizoram Police to enable the people of Mizoram and Reang migrants to cast their votes

>> Blood donation camp conducted on Police Commemoration Day 2018

>> Social Media a mi dang Video etc Upload lo tur a hriattirna

>> Phone Call, Email leh Social Network hmang a inbumna a mipui te hriattur

>> Special Medical Checkup for Mizoram Police Gazetted Officers

>>International Day Against Drugs Abuse and Illick Trafficking,2018 DGP Mizoram in a hman pui