2nd IR Bn


2nd India Reserve Battalion was established on 15th January, 2001 to become the 5th Armed Battalion of Mizoram Police having its Headquarters at Khawzawl, Champhai District.

Since its inception on 2001 till March 2005, 2nd I.R. Battalion was having its temporary Headquarters at Police Headquarters complex, Aizawl. All offices and personnel of 2nd I.R Battalion were completely shifted and started functioning in its present location at Lungvar veng, Khawzawl, Champhai District wef: 7th April 2005.

Originally the Battalion Headquarters of 2nd I.R Battalion, Khawzawl covers a total area of 137.97 bighas. However, through donation of land by the neighbouring private land owners, the present area covers a total of over 189.63 bighas (253806.4089 Sq.mtrs.)

Some of the donated lands only have a temporary Village Council Pass. Steps are being taken to amalgamate them into one LSC including the original LSC of the Battalion complex.

2nd I.R Battalion became the first Armed Police Battalion of Mizoram Police to be deployed outside the state.

Based on the instructions of the Home Ministry, Government of India, 2nd I.R Battalion of Mizoram Police departed from Mizoram on the 27th September 2006 for Anti-Naxal Operation in Chhattisgarh. After completion of over 2 years deployment, 2nd I.R Battalion was repatriated back to Mizoram on the 26th November, 2008.


1. Pu L.T.Hrangchal MPS – 15.1.01 to 7.10.03

2. Pu L. Hrangnawn IPS – 7.10.03 to 15.3.04

3. Pu K. Amon MPS – 15.3.04 to 28.7.06

4. Pu P.C. Lalchhuanawma MPS – 28.7.06 to 10.11.09

5. Pu H. Ramthlengliana MPS – 10.11.09 to 7.11.12

6. Pu Dinesh Kumar Sharma MPS – 7.11.12 to 8.5.15

7. Pu Ngursangliana Sailo MPS – 8.5.15 to 5.5.18

8. Pu Lalringdika MPS – 19.6.2018 – 23.3.2020

9. Pu Ruatsanga Ralte MPS – 19.5.2020 till date


The main functions and responsibilities of the Battalion personnel is to assist the D.E.F in connection with security and Law & order etc. They are also deployed as static guard duties at different important / vital points at the Bn. Hqrs. Besides, the Battalion personnel are deployed for strategic security duties at different interstate boundaries where BOPs are established with permanent necessary infrastructures with basic amenities. List of different BOPs, P.S, OPs where our Unit personnel are deployed is as under:

1. NE. Khawdungsei
2. Khawlian
3. Suangpuilawn
4. Vanbawng
5. Champhai P.S
6. Khawzawl P.S
7. Ngopa P.S
8. Saitual P.S
9. Champhai SBI
10. Zokhawthar OP
11. Dungtlang OP
12. District Court, Champhai
13. Link Office PHQ, Aizawl
14. Attached to other Unit/PHQ


2nd I.R Battalion were completely shifted and started functioning in its present location at Lungvar veng, Khawzawl, Champhai District wef: 7th April 2005.


(1) CLEANLINESS WORK AT KHAWZAWL TOWN: On 6.8.2018 2nd IR Bn. had conducted cleanliness work at Khawzawl town in connection with clean village Competition (Swatch Bharat Mission).

(2) DONATION / CHRISTMAS GIFT: The Unit donated charity funds to 6 (six) families of poor and needy persons / family @ Rs.5000/- (five thousand) as a token of Christmas gift namely:

(1) Tv Lallawmawma s/o C/319 Lalhmingliana (L) Zuchhip veng
(2) Pu PC. Rosnga Zuchhip veng
(3) Pi Zairemthangi Arro veng
(4) Pu Sangliana Hermon veng
(5) Tv Hrangliana Lungvar veng
(6) Pi Darthangpuii Lungvar Veng

The following BOPs, OPs and P.S personnel of 2nd IR Bn. donated charity funds to poor families in their jurisdiction for Christmas present:

(1) Khawlian BOP – Rs.5000/- (five thousand) to 5 five families @ Rs.1000/ namely:
(i) Pu Chalkhuma (ii) Pu Joseph Lalawmpui (iii) Pu Hmingchungnunga (iv) Pu Laldampuia (v) Pu Malsawmtluanga.

(2) Vanbawng BOP – Rs.3000/- (three thousand) to 3 families @ Rs.1000/-

(3) N.E Khawdungsei BOP – Rs.7200/- (seven thousand two hundred) to 3 families @ Rs.2400/- namely: (1) Pi Kapchawngi (2) Pi Lalchawii (3) Pi Lalmani

(4) Suangpuilawn BOP – Rs.7000/- (Seven thousand) to 7 families @ Rs.1000/- namely:
(i) Pu Muka (ii) Pu Hawla (iii) Pui Thanghliri (iv) Pu F. Lalropuia (v) Pu Biakkunga (vi) Pi Zahnuni (vii) Pi Thanhliri

(5) Ngopa P.S – Rs.4400/- (four thousand four hundred) to 3 widows & 1 family @ Rs.1100/- namely: (i) Pi Lalziki (ii) Pu K. Laldanga (iii) Pi Buangpuii (iv) Pu Lalkima

(6) Dungtlang O.P – Rs. 6000/- (six thousand) to 6 families @ Rs. 1000/- namely:
(i) Pu Suankhupa (ii) Pu Tuanzama (iii) Pi Lalnunmawii (iv) Pi Vanlalnghaki (v) Pu Vanlalpianga (vi) Pi Lalchhungi

(7) Saitual O.P – Rs.10000/- (ten thousand) to 5 families @ Rs.2000/- namely:
(i) Pi Rohnuni (ii) Pi Lalnunmawii (iii) Pi Biakmawii (iv) Pi Lalhuapzauvi (v) Pu Laldawla

(8) The following terminally ill personnel are presented Special Christmas Cake in the name of DGP Mizoram viz.
(i) Hav Hranchuanga Aizawl (ii) D/G-II PC. Liansangpuia Dulte

(3) CHRISTMAS GREETINGS: Krismas chibai Bukna (Christmas greetings) programme had been conducted at Field No. l Khawzawl on the night of 12.12.2018 @ 7:00 Pm. The function has been chaired by Commandant and several variety programmes were presented like Short Sermon (Christmas Message), Group Singing, Band Party and Special Items.

(4) BAND PARTY AT CHAMPHAI: 2nd IR Bn. Band Party was dispatched at Champhai on 14.12.2018 to present Band Display in connection with Krismas chibai bukna (Christmas greetings) organized by S.P Champhai.

(5) CARNIVAL AND ADVANCE CHRISTMAS: Carnival and Advance Christmas had been organized at Bn. Hqrs. Khawzawl on 18.12.2018 @ 10:00 Am to 3:00 Pm. Carnival function was held between 10:00 Am to 1:30 Pm and Indoor function continued at 2:00 Pm which was chaired by Adjutant 2nd IR Bn. Christmas message was presented by Commandant 2nd IR Bn. The function was followed by feast/dinner.


The following officer and personnel of 2nd IR Bn. are recipients of Medal as shown against their names:
1. Pu Lalringdika MPS Commandant: President’s Police Medal for Meritorious Service
2. S.I Zangura Khiangte: Governor’s Gold Medal for Meritorious service 2018.