5th IR Bn


The 5th I.R. Battalion is the youngest of the eight (8) armed Battalions of Mizoram Police. It was raised on 31st March, 2008 vide the Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs letter No.16011/6/2006-PF-IV(vii) Dt.31.3.2008 whereas the actual functioning started only in October, 2008. The newly recruited constables appointed in October, 2008 were trained in CTI Sesawng, 1st IR Bn Hqrs, Mualvum, 2nd Bn MAP Hqrs Lunglei and 3rd Bn MAP Hqrs, Mualpui. They successfully completed Basic Training and they passed out on 12.10.2009.


In the beginning the Commandant and office staff started functioning at a room at the top floor of S.P. Aizawl Office building. Thereafter, the Battalion Hqrs was temporarily accommodated at Falkawn where they occupied several empty buildings of the newly-constructed complex of the State Referral Hospital. In September, 2011 the Battalion was shifted to its present location at Lungverh which was earlier the location of the Mizoram Police Training Centre since 1973. When the Police Training Centre was shifted to its new location at Thenzawl in May, 2011, the old PTC location at Lungverh was declared as permanent Headquarters of the 5th I.R. Bn. The Battalion Hqrs. at Lungverh is situated at a distance of about 16 Kms from city centre of Aizawl. Presently the Unit is manning 3 (three) BOPs viz – New Kawnpui BOP, Tuipuibari BOP and Damparengpui BOP. Besides it also deploys one section each at W.Phaileng P.S. and Marpara P.S. to assist the Police Station staff.  The 3 (three) BOPs are all located in Mamit District of Western Mizoram bordering Tripura and Bangladesh and so are the 2 (two) Police Stations. House Guards for VIP are also provided to two Protectees under the Govt. of Mizoram. The Bn had successfully performed duty in various elections as stated below :

  • Bodoland Territorial Council Election, Assam-2010.
  • Commonwealth Games-2010-Delhi.
  • General Assembly Election in Bihar-2010.
  • General Assembly Election, Assam and West Bengal-2011.
  • General Assembly Election, Manupur, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat-2012.
  • General Assembly Election, Tripura, Nagaland-2013.
  • Lok Shabha Election in Nagaland and W. Bengal-2014.
  • Lok Shabha Election in Nagaland and W. Bengal-2016.
  • Independence Day Parade in Imphal, Manipur in 2016.


The Battalion is functioning under the command of a Commandant with officers and supporting staff of various grades and ranks working in different branches of offices as stated below ; Besides, it has a Medical Infirmary and a School for children of the Bn from Class Nursery to Class-VI. It also has a firing range for conducting firing upto the range of 100 metres. 1 (one) Company of  NDRF is also stationed within the Battalion Hqrs. The Bn also has its own State Disaster Response Force Team. The importance and usefulness was practically seen by the people of Mizoram when the units SDRF did rescue and search operations when a massive landslide struck Laipuitlang locality of Aizawl in the wee hours of 11th May, 2013. The Bn also maintains 1 (one) Company of Commando since 2.7.2010. However, the Commando platoon could not be kept at a desired strength due to various reasons.


Sl.No. Headquarters B.O.Ps/PSs Distance
1. Aizawl West Phaileng P.S 98 Kms.
2. Aizawl Marpara P.S 181 Kms.
3. Aizawl Tuipuibari BOP 163 Kms.
4. Aizawl New Kawnpui BOP 198 Kms.
5. Aizawl Damparengpui BOP 132 Kms.



  • Anyone who have personal grievances can meet the Commandant during office hours to state their grievances, this is announced frequently.
  • A sum of Rs 1,00,000/- ( Rupees one lakh) is given to family of the deceased when a 5th IR Bn personnel  dies which is from a contribution by all personnel of the unit known as Relief Fund.
  • Unit Samellan for all ranks is held frequently.
  • Personnel in BOP are also given chance to send their proposals or grievances through W/T to be considered in the monthly meeting held under the Chairmanship of the Commandant.