5th IR Battalion


  • The 5th I.R. Battalion is the youngest of the eight (8) armed Battalions of Mizoram Police. The 5th IR Battalion was raised and established on 31.3.2008 vide GOI/Ministry of Home Affairs Letter No. 16011/6/2006-PF-IV (vii), dt 31.3.2008.
  • Actual posting of Officers and men of different ranks started only in October 2008. The newly recruited constables were sent to different Training Centers like CTI Sesawng, 1st IR Bn. Hqrs. Mualvum, 2nd Bn. MAP Hqrs. Lunglei and 3rd Bn. MAP Mualpui and successfully completed on 12.10.2009.
  • In the beginning, the Commandant and office staff functioned from one room at the top floor of SP, Aizawl office building. After the recruits passed out from various training centres, the Battalion was temporarily accommodated at Falkawn where they occupied several empty buildings of the newly constructed Complex of State Referral Hospital. In September 2011, the Battalion Hqrs. was shifted to its present Headquarters at Lungverh, following the shifting of PTC Lungverh at Thenzawl.


  • This unit is manning 3 (three ) BOPs in the western belt of Mamit District, viz., New Kawnpui BOP, Tuipuibari BOP & Damparengpui BOP. Besides these, this unit also deploy 1 (one) section each at West Phaileng PS and Marpara PS, and also 1 (one) section as static guard to the residence of Minister.
  • As per instruction of MHA vide No-160011/20/20/2005-PF-IV(iv), dt. 15.5.2007, this unit maintained 1 (one) Company of Commandos since 2.7.2010. Due to unit transfer and health problems the strength is ever decreasing.
  • This unit has State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) team. The team had done rescue and search operation in the event of emergency and natural calamity. Their performance has greatly boosted the morale of the entire Police and it also hugely enhanced Police image in public. Due to the unavoidable circumstances of spreading of Covid-19 Pandemic and Law & Order Problem arising out in the State Border of Assam and Mizoram, our men perform duties within Aizawl city and at the state border. This unit had also performed several important duties within and outside the states.


  • The English Medium School, 5th IR Battalion was established in the year 2014. It is located inside the Battalion complex and provides classes upto VI. A monthly contribution is made by all ranks of the Battalion staff for effectively running the school. All the teachers are provided quarters inside the Battalion complex.
  • Anyone who have personnel grievances can meet the Commandant during Office hours to state their grievances.
  • A sum of Rs 1,00,000/- (Rupees one lakh) is given to family of the deceased when a 5th IR Bn personnel dies which is a contributed by all personnel of the unit as Relief Fund.