Saitual DEF

Govt. of Mizoram created three(3) new administrative Districts for Khawzawl, Saitual & Hnahthial town in 2008 vide Notification of creation of the New District No.A.60011/21/95-GAD/PT Dt. 12.09.2008. New Khawzawl District was created from Champhai District but non-functional till 2019. The new Govt. of Mizoram made the District functional  with effect from August, 2019 by posting new Deputy Commissioner & Superintendent of Police for the District.

Govt. of Mizoram issued notification for demarcation/boundaries of three (3) New districts including Saitual District from the existing Districts vide No. A.60011/20/2019-GAD dt. 9.8.2019. 


1 Saitual Town  (Keifang,  Rulchawm, Ruallung) 20 Lamherh
2 Maite 21 Vanbawng
3 Mualpheng 22 N. Khawlek
4 Lenchim 23 Ngopa
5 Tawizo 24 Chiahpui
6 Sihfa 25 Khawkawn
7 Dilkhan 26 NE Khawdungsei
8 Tualbung 27 Lamzawl
9 N.Lungpher  28 Pawlrang
10 Buhban 29 Hliappui
11 Thanglailung 30 Changzawl
12 Phullen 31 Saichal
13 Luangpawn 32 Mimbung
14 Phuaibuang 33 Hrianghmun
15 Khawlian 34 Teikhang
16 NE Tlangnuam 35 Kawlbem
17 Daido 36 Lailak
18 Zawngin 37 Khanpui
19 Suangpuilawn

Posting of SP Saitual District was made on 6.8.2019 vide memo no. A.22022/2/2012-HMP Dt.6.8.2019. There is one building owned by Fire & Emergency Service Department at Saitual PS complex which was temporarily occupied as SP Saitual Office.

Since Saitual town was under Aizawl District previously, existing Police establishment in the town is Saitual Police Station. Posting of Superintendent of Police was issued by Home Department, Govt of Mizoram by posting Pu PC Lalduhthlanga MPS as the first SP of Saitual District on Dt. 06.08.2019.