Khawzawl DEF

I. HISTORY : Govt. of Mizoram created three(3) new administrative Districts for Khawzawl, Saitual & Hnahthial town in 2008 vide Notification of creation of the New District No.A.60011/21/95-GAD/PT Dt. 12.09.2008. New Khawzawl District was created from Champhai District but non-functional till 2019. The new Govt. of Mizoram made the District functional  with effect from August, 2019 by posting new Deputy Commissioner & Superintendent of Police for the District. The Population of Khawzawl town is 11,022 (2011 census) & 13,113 (in the year 2015) and Literacy Rate is 96.64% (2011 census) & 2,306 houses. Total Population of Khawzawl RD Block is 35,931 (as per 2011 census). Govt. of Mizoram issued notification for demarcation/boundaries of three (3) New districts including Khawzawl from the existing Districts vide No. A.60011/20/2019-GAD dt. 9.8.2019. Khawzawl District was also demarcated from Champhai District including 28 towns/villages as shown below:

Sl. No. Name of Villages/Town Distance from Khawzawl Population


Sl. No. Name of Villages/Town Distance from Khawzawl Population


1 Aiduzawl 43 326 15 Vangtlang 40 521
2 Rabung 40 1528 16 Tlangmawi 42 257
3 Pamchung 49 303 17 Tlangpui 50 846
4 Khualen 23 239 18 Biate 58 2277
5 Tualpui 15 589 19 Sialhawk 43 2279
6 Ngaizawl 15 797 20 Khawhai 33 2408
7 Neihdawn 15 607 21 Lungtan 37 658
8 Kawlkulh 30 3094 22 Chalrang 33 697
9 Vankal 45 326 23 New Chalrang 32 550
10 Puilo 37 474 24 Chawngtlai 10 1638
11 Chhawrtui 45 1011 25 Tualte 17 1177
12 Vanchengpui 60 754 26 Khawzawl 0 11022
13 Dulte 38 908 27 Arro 10 156
14 Riangtlei 45 505 28 Hmuncheng 12 347
Total Population (2011 Census) 36,294

Police Department: Since Khawzawl town was under Champhai District previously, existing Police establishment in the town is SDPO Office, Khawzawl sub-division with five(5) staff and Khawzawl Police Station with twenty three(23) staff only. Govt. of Mizoram issued notification for creation of posts for the Office of the Superintendent of Police, Khawzawl District on Dt. 17.7.2019 (vide No. A.11013/1/2013-HMP/A(ii) Dt. 17. 7. 2019) in which the following posts has been created:

Sl. No. Name of Post No. of Post Sl. No. Name of Post No. of Post
1 SP 1 10 Inspr.(M) 2
2 Addl. SP 1 11 SI(M) 3
3 DySP Hqrs. 1 12 SI(Steno-III) 1
4 Inspr.(UB) 2 13 ASI(M) 4
5 SI(UB) 3 14 Grade IV 6
6 ASI(UB) 3 Total 16
7 Head Constable 5 Grand Total 72
8 Constable 30
9 Driver 10
Total 56

Posting of Superintendent of Police was issued by Home Department, Govt of Mizoram by posting Pu PC Lalchunglura, MPS as the first SP Khawzawl District/DEF on Dt. 06.08.2019 and joined his post on Dt. 12.08.2019 at Khawzawl.

SP Office, Khawzawl Dinthar Veng, Khawzawl:


SP Office, Khawzawl is functional by occupying a private building (3-floor RCC/semi-Rcc private building (owner- Pi Tlinpuii) at Khawzawl Dinthar Veng wef. July, 2019. 

Repairing/rennovation of partition walls, electric wiring, water tank/pipe line system, carpet,etc being done by self-help basis(staff of 2nd IR Bn. & Khawzawl PS) and required items being procured. Office furniture, tables, almirah, chairs delivered & received from PHQ Aizawl on Dt. 3.9.2019. Office requirements, basic Stationeries/tools/ items procured.

Vehicles: One Bolero from Aizawl DEF, one sumo from CPW & one M/cycle from Champhai DEF are alloted to SP Khawzawl temporarily before purchasing new vehicles.

Budget allocation/Fund: The DEF was allotted Rs. 57 lakhs for the second quarters LOC under salary, DTE, OE, Rents, MW, OC & MV heads. DDO code for SP Khawzawl was allotted from Finance Deptt. Govt. of Mizoram for drawing & disbursing fund from Champhai Treasury before establishing Treasury at Khawzawl.

II. FUNCTIONAL BRANCHES: As per the present strength of staff under Khawzawl DEF, the following Branches are functional as on dt. 30.10.2019 –

  1. SP Office : General Branch and Account Branch, Reserve Branch.
  2. SDPO Office, Khawzawl Sub-Division.
  3. Police Station, Khawzawl.

III. ACTIVITIES: SP Office Khawzawl is functional for receiving and replying correspondences with PHQ, other Govt. Deptt.,etc, supervision of SDPO and Police Station Khawzawl in all activities and maintenance of Law and order in the District. lndian Independence Day, 2019 was organized smoothly without any untoward incidence. Land / site for new establishment of SP Office/SDPO Office Khawzawl is searching and pursuing by all means.

SDPO & Police Station staff takes up necessary investigations on all registered criminal cases under the supervision of Champhai DEF. Apart from these, Daily foot patrolling within the town day & night used to conducted for mobile checking of vehicles and maintenance of Law & order by Police Station staff regularly. No big issues on Law and order found till date. The Police station staff also used to conduct cleaning works (Kamdhari) and Morning Physical Exercise (PT) twice in a week regularly.

 IV. ACHIEVEMENTS : The newly created DEF has achieved peaceful and normal Law & order in the District, no law and order problems arise till date due to regular vigilance and patrolling conducted by all available staff. The Police station building and its surrounding is keeping clean. New room for Child friendly room is created in the Police station with the help of Social Welfare Department. Sign board for Police station is repaired and renovated. Approach road and courtyard of Police station, Khawzawl is also repaired and metalled with bitumen with the help of PWD, Khawzawl. Proposal for establishinent of new Police station at Biate town, Police Out-posts at Kawlkulh village and Khawhai village are being pursued and takes necessary action.