2nd Bn MAP

A total area of land measuring 139 Acres was first allocated at Luangmual, Lunglei under the village council jurisdiction of Lunglawn village in the name of IGP (M) vide Pass No. DPL-16 of 1975 when the same location was still occupied by 56th Battalion CRPF. The same land passed was later re-issued vide passed No. 83 of 1977 with an area of 150 Acres. This was ultimately converted into DPL No. 7 D of 1999 issued in the name of Secretary, Home Department, Government of Mizoram. The same location has been utilized as the 2nd Bn. MAP Headquarters till today.

The Strength of the Battalion was sanctioned vide Order no. A- 12028/1/82-HMP, dt. 9.10.1987.

Since the establishment, there have been numbers of Commandants in the Battalion. Their incumbency period and lists till today is listed under :

1. Pu. C. Dothanga IPS 1.9.1987- 1.10.1987
2. Pu. L. Pachuau IPS 2.10.1987- 12.10.1988
3. Pu. Zorammuana MPS 13.10.1988- 1.11.1988
4. Pu. LH. Shanliana MPS 2.11.1988- 16.11.1988
5. Pu. KC. Thanga AIPS 17.11.1988-23.3.1990
6. Pu. LT. Hrangchal MPS 24.3.1990-22.10.1990
7. Pu. H. Khiangte MPS 22.10.1990-31.1.1992
8. Pu. T. Chongthu MPS 1.2.1992 – 10.10.1994
9. Pu. LH. Shanliana MPS 10.10.1994- 13.10.1997
10. Pu. Zorammuana MPS 13.10.1997- 12.9.2000
11. Pu. John Laldina MPS 12.9.2000-6.10.2003
12. Pu. T. Chongthu MPS 6.10.2003-2.1.2004
13. Pu. John Laldina MPS 2.1.2004- 14.1.2005
14. Pu. Saithanga MPS 15.1.2005 – 3.7.2009
15. Pu. Laldawngliana MPS 3.7.2009 – 3.5.2014
16. Pu. Zasangzela MPS 3.5.2014- 12.8.2014
17. Pu. C. Lalruaia MPS 12.8.2014-2.7.2018
18. Pu. Lalmuanpuia MPS 2.7.2018 – 30.9.2019

19. Pu. Saidingliana Sailo MPS 1.10.2019 – till date.

The Second Bn. MAP work for maintenance of peace in Lunglei, Lawngtlai and Siaha District in co-operation with the District Police.

The 2nd Bn. MAP was initially set up with a strength of 2 [two) Companies vide Order of GOM L/No. A-12125/1/82-Hmp, dt. 23.12.1982. It was functioned and attached under the 1st Bn. MAP for the first four years.

Vide the order of GOM letter No. A-12028/1/82-HMP, dt. 9.10.1987, a full fledged strength of the Battalion was sanctioned where Luangmual, Lunglei was selected as its Battalion Headquarters. On the 27th April 1988, the office was shifted from Aizawl to Lunglei and the office Building of SDPO Lunglei located at Chanmari, Lunglei was utilized as the office of the Commandant. Finally on the 6th March, 1989 the office was again shifted at the present location of the Battalion Headquarter, Luangmual and has been functioning here till today.

The 2nd Bn. MAP organized and maintains the following Welfare Measures:

(1) 2nd Bn. MAP Church.
(2) Tailoring Training Centre.
(3) Unit Basketball cum Volleyball Court.
(4) Unit Badminton Hall
(5) Parade ground/Playground
(6) Martyr Memorial
(7) 2MAP English Medium School.
(8) Unit Dairy.
(9) Unit Gas outlet etc.
(10) Shiv Mandir
(11) Carpentry Workshop/sawmill

V. Medal Recipients: Pu Lalmuanpuia MPS:- Police Medal for Meritorious Service