District Wildlife Crime Control Sub-Unit, Champhai seized and recovery exotic wildlife species

Together we can and we will. Kudos to the team of District Wildlife Crime Control Sub-Unit, Champhai (Chairperson- SP Champhai & Member Secretary –DFO) for the huge seizure and recovery on 9th May of 23 exotic wildlife species, suspected to be smuggled from Myanmar at Chalbawiha Junction Khankawn Police Checkgate from one vehicle Bolero MZ-05 7903.
Rescued species includes 4 nos of white cockatoo, 8 nos of Guinea pigs, 5 nos of Monitor lizards, 3 nos of Kangaroo Rats, 2 nos of Burmese Python and 1 Meerkat. The seized endangered wild species were handed over to Customs Department and later transferred over to Aizawl Zoological Park as per court order.
Champhai District Wildlife Crime Control Sub-Unit team (Chairperson- SP Champhai & Member Secretary –DFO) te chuan ni 9.5.2022 khan dan lova Myanmar atanga lakluh ramdang sava leh nungcha, a vaiin 23, Chalbawiha Junction Khankawn Police Checkgate-ah Bolero MZ-05 7903 atangin an man.
Ramdang nungcha an man te chu – white cockatoo – 4, Guinea pigs – 8, Monitor lizards – 5, Kangaroo Rats – 3, Burmese Python – 2 leh Meerkat – 1 an ni. Nungcha mante hi Customs Department hnena hlan an nih hnuah Court thupek in Aizawl Sahuanah dah an ni.